5 Best Action Cameras with Image Stabilization

5 Best Action Cameras with Image Stabilization

5 Best Action Cameras with Image Stabilization

Action cameras refer to cameras for capturing adventures and fast-moving, unstable activities. Many cell phones do an amazing job of delivering high-definition pictures and videos but when hiking or biking on a mountain, you do not want to risk using them. Action cameras are rugged and built for the outdoors. With them, you can get 4K video quality with amazing image stabilization even when riding the toughest terrains.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Three

We tested some good action cameras, and we’ve got you a list of our best action cameras with image stabilization. We considered a variety of features like if they are waterproof, shockproof, wind-resistant, offer image stabilization if they have activity sensors, front-facing screens, auto-editing, and so on.

Best Action Cameras With Image Stabilization

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GoPro Hero8 – Best Action Camera for Live Streaming

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Offering crisp 4k video quality and excellent image stabilization is the small and light GoPro Hero8. It comes with built-in folded feet for easy mounting and an impact-resistant lens. It has three levels of stabilization; on, high, and boost. You can pick whichever works best for you. This HyperSmooth 2.0 feature works with all image resolutions and frame rates. It also features in-app horizon leveling.

With its TimeWarp 2.0 feature, it captures stabilized time-lapse videos as you move through an activity. It also automatically adjusts speed based on lighting, motion, and scene detection. It affords you the luxury of experiencing some events in slow motion to further be in and feel the moment.

You can as well speed it back up. Also, with its LiveBurst feature, you can record moments 1.5 seconds before and after a particular shot is taken. For vlogging, you can decide to get the optional media mod which serves as a second monitor. You will though have to buy it separately.

It captures crisp and clear 12MP pictures with improved HDR which reduces blur and captures even the smallest details even in low light while at rest or on the move. You can also shoot time-lapse videos at night in any resolution. Its digital lens can toggle between narrow, linear, wide, and super view when framing your shots. You will also enjoy live streaming in 1080p with super smooth image stabilization to friends on any social media platform using the GoPro app. It allows you to save the footage to your SD card for viewing at a later time.

So if you are looking for the best action cameras with image stabilization that has an unshakable camera, is pocketable, and affordable, the GoPro Hero8 is your go-to camera.

GoPro Hero9 – Best Action Cameras with Image Stabilization

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The GoPro Hero9 cameras are the ultimate action cameras; the best action cameras with image stabilization as of now. Why? They leave out nothing desirable with their 23.6MP sensor that delivers 5K video quality and incredible 20MP photos.  With their 5K resolution, you still capture things in detail even while zooming in. You also get sharp images, fluid motion, and impressive in-camera horizon leveling.

The GoPro Hero9 comes with a new, larger rear touch screen with touch zoom and a new front display for easy framing and intuitive camera control. Its built-in front-facing screen makes it a go-to action camera for vloggers. You can also live stream in 1080p on social with HyperSmooth stabilization when broadcasting your activities via the GoPro app. It comes with curved adhesive mounts, a mounting buckle, and a thumbscrew to create your own webcam setup.

Its HyperSmooth 3.0 feature delivers the best video stabilization while engaging in rigorous outdoor activities. With TimeWarp 3.0, you can record mesmerizing time-lapse scenes anywhere. It also condenses time to help capture the most mesmerizing moments.

It features Speed Ramp, a new feature in the GoPro series that lets you select real speed with audio and half-speed during recordings. HyperSmooth 3.0 with an ultra-high frame rate of 240 fps makes anything look epic in slow motion. It offers 8x slow-mo for your viewing pleasure. It is waterproof by up to 10m underwater and has a 1-3 hours battery life depending on usage.

The GoPro Hero9 also features Hindsight, a powerful feature that captures videos from 30 seconds before you hit the shutter button to record. This way, you capture the previews to the unexpected. One of the best action cameras with image stabilization to ever grace our scenes, offering more clarity, power, and stability is the GoPro Hero9.

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AKASO V50 Elite – Best Budget Action Camera

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The Akaso V50 is a rugged action camera that can be controlled remotely.  It records fast-moving action clearly and can capture 4K videos at 60 fps. It has a 2-inch touchscreen with an IPS display for controlling activities with ease. With its voice control feature, you can control the camera using voice commands to start a video, you use the command “action start video” and “action photo” for pictures. It also comes with a remote control that can be worn on the wrist to conveniently control the camera while engaging in adventurous activities on land. The remote control won’t work underwater as it is not waterproof.

It has built-in advanced electronic image stabilization that lets you get steady videos of fast-moving objects. Image stabilization is though disabled when you select the following video resolutions: 4K60FPS, 2.7K60FPS, 1080P120FPS, and all 720P resolutions.

It is a great camera for all underwater sports like diving and snorkeling as it comes with a waterproof case that allows you to dive up to 40m/131ft underwater. The camera has a built-in Wi-Fi that provides a seamless connection to your smartphone using the AKASO GO app. From the app, you can play, download, and share videos captured on the camera.

It also offers a slow-mo effect. With an ultra-high frame rate of 720P240FPS, you can slow things down by up to 8 times to enjoy epic moments. You can also adjust the camera’s view angle as you please between wide, medium, and narrow.

If an image is distorted, you can use its distortion calibration feature to improve it. The AKASO V50 is one of the best action cameras with image stabilization for underwater sports with hands-free control.

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Campark V40 – Best Action Camera with GPS

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You can record the world in higher resolution with this action camera with dual-screen. It has a water-resistant body and can be immersed by up to 10m underwater without damage. It though comes with a waterproof case that makes it your ideal action camera for underwater activities of up to 40m deep.

It is a dual-screen camera with a front screen that provides excellent selfie photos and videos and a 2-inches IPS back touch screen that delivers vivid photos and videos with a great playback experience. Note though, that both screens cannot function at the same time. To switch from the front screen to touchscreen, press and hold the Mode button for 3-5 seconds.

With electronic image stabilization and a 6-axis gyroscope, it detects motion change automatically and delivers steady footage of fast-moving objects. You get amazing 4K video and 20MP photos using the Campark V40. You can control this action camera remotely using the wireless wrist remote control that comes with it.

It has a wireless range of up to 10m but is not waterproof. As such, it cannot be used underwater. It also comes with Wi-Fi. You will need to download the iSmart DV App on your phone to connect with your camera for saving, downloading, and sharing recorded activities.

It features different modes like loop recording, time-lapse, slo-mo, and burst mode. We especially love the Burst mode which lets you take a sequence of photos in a second with just one click. This way you capture unexpected moments in time.

It comes with 2 rechargeable 1350mAh batteries that keep you connected for a long time. It also offers 4 times slow-mo mode that helps you capture and relive the most engaging moments of your adventures.

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Insta360 ONE X – Cheap Action Cameras with Image Stabilization

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One of the most compact action cameras with image stabilization we recommend is the Insta360 ONE X. It has a whopping 5.7K resolution for the most stunning videos with 18MP shots for the clearest and crispiest photos. For a buttery smooth video experience, turn on the 50fps mode and make magic. It features FlowState, an image stabilization feature that allows steady shots irrespective of how fast-moving an object is.

Using the ONE X app, you are introduced to a world of endless possibilities. With it, you can export videos and photos from the camera to your phone. You can re-frame the best parts of your shots and connect them to get ultra-smooth videos with the option of adding music and other effects using the ONE X app. The app works well on both android and iOS devices. You can also take drift shots that capture all-around photos or videos.

There are compatible cases for the camera for use above and underwater. These cases are sold separately but effectively serve to protect your camera from scratches and damage. It comes with 5 GHz Wi-Fi and a removable battery that offers enough battery power for one hour of non-stop shooting.

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