Best European Cities to Visit in December

Best European Cities to Visit in December

Best European Cities to Visit in December

December is here. The red lights are up, the bells are jingling and snow is falling. Many cities and markets are beautifully illuminated during this period. Undoubtedly, Europe is the best place to experience Christmas.

Spending your Christmas holiday in Europe will leave you with unforgettable moments that’ll last a lifetime. Whether you’re visiting for a whole week or month, there are many places in Europe to explore. Well, to experience the best Christmas that’ll take your breath away, we’ve highlighted the best European cities to visit in December.

Best European Cities to Visit in December

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Strasbourg, France
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Abisko, Sweden
  • London, England
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Transylvania, Romania
  • Wroclaw, Poland
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Paris, France

Vienna, Austria

You can hardly find any city that celebrates Christmas with charm and grace like Vienna. The legendary cafe culture, gorgeous Christmas markets, and alluring decorated trees give the city a magical appeal.

Its fresh-baked pastries and the sweet smell of snow will bring back childhood memories. Also, don’t forget to come with your ski boots and ensure you attend the city’s celebrated Christmas concerts. Are you still doubting that Vienna is one of the best European cities to visit in December?

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is also known as the “capital of Christmas”. It houses the oldest Christmas market in France. This city offers a beautiful view of an elegant display that adorns half of the city’s timbered house. Moreover, there are about 300 Christmas stalls in its market that offer items for everyone, whether you want to shop for local food or take a photo with the tall Christmas tree. It has everything to put up with your Christmas spirits.

Prague, Czech Republic

From the cozy shade of the tree lamps to the cobblestone alley, Prague is all about Christmas. It celebrates Christmas with grandeur. Surprisingly, there are fewer tourists during this period.

Stroll at a leisure pace through the old town square and Prague castle and relive the beauty of Christmas. The entire city is animated by lights, music, and nativity scenes. No doubt, it’s among the top best European cities to visit in December.

Abisko, Sweden

If you can take on the cold of winter without drinking hot coffees and blowing on your palm occasionally, Abisko will earn you some bragging rights. This Swedish city is not for the faint of hearts because it’s located in the far north of Europe where the sun hardly rises. Here, you can participate in snow activities like sled riding, skiing, and ice skating. Also, don’t forget to visit its world-famous ice hotel.

London, England

While you can find other beautiful places brimming with Christmas decorations, London takes the cake for being among the best European cities to visit in December. Get into the holiday spirit with the Christmas concert at its St. Paul cathedral.

Also, visit Hyde Park’s winter wonderland and have all the Christmas fun with your family. For those planning their trip, check out this comprehensive London itinerary. Here, you’ll experience some of the most impressive Christmas lights and beautiful traditional decorations.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen shining lights and festive spirit will melt any Grinch’s heart. This is the coziest place you can visit in Europe. You can take in the beautiful setting relaxing and drinking hot chocolate. The entire city is like a fairytale. Visit its wonderland amusement park to enjoy several Christmas rides and goodies. Besides, a stroll through the excellent waterfront district of Nyhavn and Christiania Christmas market will make your experience unique.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a beautiful city to visit throughout the year, but the city comes alive in December. The city looks like it was drawn right out of a Christmas children’s storybook. Tallinn’s Christmas market makes it one of the best European cities to visit in December.

You’ll engage in many activities like outdoor skating and snow fights. If you have a sweet tooth, then this city is for you. Its hearty food and drinks will leave you wanting more and the good thing is, they’re affordable.

Transylvania, Romania

It’s no surprise that Transylvania is an all-round tourist destination. Throughout the year, it has tourists trooping in and out of it. But you can only experience the full effect of this place in December.

This place is rich in history, it is elegant to view under the blanketed snow. After you’ve toured the city to your heart’s content, visit one of its many ski resorts and sidewalk restaurants to have some actual winter activities.

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Wroclaw, Poland

The streets of Wroclaw are adorned with bright lights, the city oozes a delightful vibe and the carol hymns resound in the cathedrals. This city entices so many tourists with its Christmas market. It is a fantastic European city to visit in December. You’ll love its cultural life and unique architecture. If you love carols, Wroclaw has a wealth of chamber music events and classical performances you can pick from.

Bruges, Belgium

It’ll be difficult to find a spectacular city like Bruges in Europe. From its houses looking like gingerbreads to the elegant horse-drawn wagons, Bruges simply screams Christmas. In December, the city’s main square turns into a magical place with shining lights and festive ornaments. Also, you’ll be opportune to attend its Sculpture Festival that’s only organized in December. This festival takes place in the city’s square and it features great works by international artists.

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Paris, France

If there’s one place better than New York in December, it’s Paris. The city of light glows even better at Christmas. Now, what’s a Paris holiday without the Eiffel Tower? The Eiffel Tower gives the city an illuminated hue at night. If you’re visiting Paris with children, stop at Disneyland to enjoy colorful parades and have merry encounters with Santa. Paris is a wonderful place to experience in December!


Ultimately, there are many European cities to visit during Christmas but we’ve narrowed your options by providing you with the best European cities to visit in December that’ll raise your Christmas spirits.

These cities are marked by festive activities, scenic views, and interesting concerts. After touring them, you’ll be left with no other choice than to experience Christmas with splendor.

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