Best Nightlife in Europe in December

Best Nightlife in Europe in December

Best Nightlife in Europe in December

Europe is home to the best tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors from around the world ever. To have the best nightlife in Europe in December, you’d surely want to try out her lounges, clubs.

Surprisingly, winter in Europe can be more than skiing and building snowmen. There’s plenty of entertaining activities to do away from the summer crowd. The nightlife in Europe should be your reason to visit in December. Listed in this post are the top places you can explore at night in Europe.

Best Nightlife in Europe in December

  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Catalonia, Barcelona
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Ibiza, Spain

This is the number one party city in Europe. Ibiza comes alive at night. It offers an exciting mix of places, music, and events that’ll leave a lingering taste of Europe’s nightlife in December. It’s called the “Party Capital of the world”.

Aside from parties, it houses quiet villages with hotels you can afford. During the day, you can visit Our Lady of Snow’s cathedral which offers the best view in Ibiza. Here, you can enjoy delicious cuisines from luxury restaurants.

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Catalonia, Barcelona

Compared to other European cities, in December Barcelona isn’t that cold during winter. Hence, it’s so much better to travel here. Locales love to party all night. Besides, Catalonia is popular for its vibrant clubs and bars. It’s no surprise this city has an amazing nightlife since most of its dinners open by 10 pm.

It has a lot of clubs with traditional and modern styles. So you can easily find a club that fits your style. The hotels here are decently priced. Partying in Barcelona is so much fun and it’s a great opportunity to relax.


Prague offers one of the best nightlife in Europe in December. There are so many public performances and exciting music festivals here. Its clubs are open to visitors throughout the week. The best time to enjoy Prague is in winter.

Partying in Prague should not break the bank, the price of entry into clubs is pretty cheap. You can get cocktails for about $6 and beers for as low as $3. If you like pop music, then head to the Lucerna Music Bar to have a time of your life. And if you just want to enjoy its night scenery, you can visit its Old Town Square.

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No other city can beat Berlin when it comes to having exciting nightlife. From the stunning party areas and indigenous fine brews to local bands and DJs from all over the world. Berlin tops the list of cities to have the best nightlife in Europe in December.

Aside from its unique reggae music, the nightlife offers delicious delicacies. You can enjoy live music performances in clubs like Astra Kulturhas and Jazz Club. Berlin’s most expensive clubs charge nothing less than €20 to €25 for entry and drinks.

Paris, France

Be prepared for the craziest parties you’ve ever experienced here. This city has many clubs and bars, ranging from indie clubs to chic bars. There’s a club to fit everyone’s taste. Paris club shows are another great way to spend the night. It offers a variety of music and champagne for everyone. Some clubs include dinner options so you’re covered with food and drinks for the whole night.

Paris allows you to have the best nightlife in Europe in December and also allows you to end the year in style. Visit the Champ Elysées to experience outdoor night activities.

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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest ranks among the liveliest nightlife cities in Europe. It’s popular for its elegant lounges and ruins bar. Hungary is becoming a favorite tourist destination. The ruins bar began in the Jewish parts of Budapest. Presently, they’ve been renovated into bars that host some of the best Hungarian parties.

The best ruin bar in Hungary is the Szimpla Kert. It has rooms with several themes and genres of music. Here, you can dance to rock music by just moving between rooms. Also, you can enjoy electronic dance music (EMD) and dance with strangers. Besides, the ruin bars sell top-quality beers at cheap prices. Undoubtedly, Budapest is a place to be in December.

Riga, Latvia

Riga has amazing parties, excellent nightlife, a convenient location, and great ambiance. What more could you possibly want to have the best nightlife in Europe in December? The city’s nightlife begins at 10 when the club-goers start filling the clubs. If you want to party and enjoy the view of the beautiful city, check the Star Lounge Bar.

Riga also has one of the top budget-friendly hotels you can find in Europe. While there are a lot of party locations here, you can still explore the city’s monuments and have fun at one of its many karaoke bars at night.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Trust the locales here, they know how to party hard. Perhaps because during December it gets dark quickly, but Copenhagen is a good place to beat the winter while dancing your soul away. It has several beer halls and old school drinking locations to ease you into the night.

Besides, you can explore the cool live music venues around the city. The city also hosts activities like large night concerts and dive bars. If you like live band performances, the city offers you many ways to enjoy live bands up close and personal.

Consider renting a car in Copenhagen for your group; it’s quite cost-effective. Just remember, whoever’s at the wheel should abstain from alcohol to ensure a safe journey.

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Final Say

Now, you know the cities with the best nightlife in Europe in December, it’s time for you to pack your bags and plan your itinerary. No doubt, these cities will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

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