Best Ways to Travel Europe in a Month

Best Ways to Travel Europe in a Month

Best Ways to Travel Europe in a Month

30 days in Europe? Time to make your vacation worth it.

From Italy and England to Germany and Austria, European cities are known for their architecture, nightlife, restaurants, and housing. So it’s no wonder that people decide to travel to Europe every time.

Are you about to take a one month vacation in Europe? And you want to see most of Europe during your stay? Well, the best way to travel Europe in a month is to make early preparations.

To that end, we bring the best of Europe to you. Here, we’ll provide you with tips to enjoy most of Europe within a month. Plus, we’ll let you know the safest places and budget-friendly ways to travel around Europe in a month.

Tips for Traveling around Europe in a Month

You want to make your 30 days stay in Europe exciting and you also want to stay on a budget. Not to worry, with these tips you’ll find the best ways to travel Europe in a month.

Use cheap Airlines

With the availability of budget airlines in Europe, you can fly around the continent with ease. Ensure to purchase tickets early as the cheap seats tend to sell out fast. Moreover, avoid traveling heavy. Traveling light will allow you to avoid the expenses caused by baggage fees.

Research visa requirements

You don’t want a situation where you’re denied access to a country because you don’t have a tourist visa. Although some countries do not need a visa for short visits, we recommend that you make a quick research to know the European countries that require a tourist on arrival.

Travel in off-seasons

Just as you’re thinking of skiing and enjoying Christmas in Europe, so are other people. When you travel in off-seasons, you’ll avoid crowds. More so, housing and food will be cheaper. Plus, you’ll find it easier to tour nice places in Europe within a month.

Book reservations

Booking reservations in advance helps you to secure good deals on accommodation and tours. Ultimately, this way, you’ll travel Europe in a month.

Pack light

It’s difficult to travel Europe in a month with heavy luggage. With light luggage, you’ll avoid dragging your luggage at every destination. Plus, you’ll evade fees that come with heavy baggage.

Avoid using credit cards everywhere

No doubt, many countries accept credit cards. However, there are situations when having cash at hand will be useful. For example, you’ll need cash to make purchases at local markets. Thus, using only credit cards is not the best way to travel Europe in a month.

Don’t stay in a place for too long

Staying in a place for too long limits your chances of visiting more cities. Spend at least three days in a place so you’ll experience the city.

Carry comfortable footwear

This is one of the best ways to easily tour Europe in a month. No doubt, you’ll do lots of walking during your stay in Europe. So having comfortable shoes is necessary. Moreover, after a long walk, your feet will thank you!

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Safe Places to Travel to visit in Europe

Now, the best way to travel Europe in a month is to visit safe places. Some cities in Europe do not guarantee the safety of visitors and tourists. Thus, you should know the European cities that offer visitors the most security.


Finland is a hidden gem that was once overshadowed by its neighbors. Presently, it’s one of the safest cities to visit in Europe. Here, there is hardly any incident of pickpocketing and home burglaries.


Germany offers visitors maximum security. The chances of your car getting stolen are low.


In this place, you’re sure to return to your room with all your belongings intact. They have little to no cases of street pickpocketing and burglar.  However, you can be pickpocketed during festivals and concerts.


If you want to feel safe when it comes to violent or personal robbery, then the Netherlands should be topping your itinerary.


Are you bothered your credit card might be copied or you may be tricked into giving it out? Then you can avoid this in Italy.

Unsafe Places to visit in Europe

This is not to deter you from visiting these places. However, you should be careful as some vices like pickpocketing and theft are high in these cities

Great Britain

Many cars get stolen in Britain. As a tourist, your rental car can get stolen and this will resort to expenses outside your budget.


In Greece, You’re likely to be pickpocketed on a bus or even along the streets.


If you want to avoid bike theft, be wary of Denmark. Many bikes have been stolen from their park stands.


Ireland has many cases of violent robbery but you can easily avoid them by staying away from deserted alleys.

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Tips to get Cheap Food and Housing in Europe

In every city in Europe, there are places you can get good deals on housing and food. You just have to find the right place. Below, we’ve listed some tips that’ll help you find them.

Cheap meals

  • Eat from local restaurants.
  • Eat at a student restaurant.
  • Purchase mid-day set meals (a three-course meal with a beverage)
  • Visit local grocery stores.


  • Stay at small guesthouses, inns, and hotels.
  • Lodge at student hostels.
  • Find resorts with discounts.
  • Rent rooms on the outskirts of cities.

Final Thought

As said earlier, the best way to travel Europe in a month is to make early preparations. Europe has so many attractions, and in a month you can experience many of them. Hopefully, these tips will help you see the most of Europe during your vacation.

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