Can You Drink Tap Water in Barcelona?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Barcelona?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Barcelona?

Whether you are residing in Barcelona or you are planning to visit the city for a few days and you are already wondering if it’s safe to drink the tap water, you are in the right place to know the source and quality of tap water in Barcelona. In this article, you will get to know a great deal about Barcelona’s tap water quality which will help you decide between settling for bottled water and drinking straight from the tap.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Barcelona?

You can drink tap water in Barcelona and even use it to brush your teeth and cook your meal. Though tap water in Barcelona might not have the best taste in the world, it is perfectly safe to drink. According to Sanidad and the local water company in Barcelona, Aigües de Barcelona, the tap water in the city is safe to drink. Barcelona measures up to all the international health precautions and standards including those of WHO and EU. In fact, there is no scientific study that confirms that tap water in Barcelona can make anyone sick and infected with any virus.

Barcelona is one of the best places in Spain to drink tap water and spend less on bottled water. Since the tap water is perfectly safe to drink, it’s pointless buying bottled water and causing all that plastic waste and pollution.  Even when you are not used to the taste of the water as a visitor, you will get accustomed to it in no time. If you are running a vacation on a low budget in Barcelona, you can ask for tap water in restaurants, clubs, hotels, and resort centers.

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Is Bottled Water Safer Than Tap Water?

Well, the decision to choose bottled water over tap water is absolutely up to you. While it’s true that bottled water tastes much better than tap water, there is nothing harmful in the city’s tap water. Bottled waters cost you more.

Taking bottled water also results in plastic waste in the environment, thereby causing pollution. To improve the taste and quality of the tap water, you can get a water filter that is more affordable than bottled water. A water filter will keep your costs down and make your water safe to drink. Whatever your choice is, the most crucial thing is to know the source of your water and the type of processes it undergoes before getting to your glass. This is how to determine the best choice for you

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Where Does Barcelona’s Water Come From?

Knowing where your water comes from is the first step to knowing water quality in any city. The main tap water supply in Barcelona emanates from two Rivers: the Ter and the Llobregat. The Llobregat provides Barcelona with most of its water. The river contains high quantities of minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

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Given the fact that the river flows through a salty region northwest of Barcelona besides the town of Súria, the water coming from the Llobregat tastes much better in areas before the river reaches Súria. Thereafter, the taste of the water gets salty.

However, Barcelona owns desalinization plants that help to remove salt from the water, making it perfectly drinkable. So, you have nothing to worry about as regards drinking tap water in Barcelona.

The decision of some folks to choose bottled water over tap water in Barcelona has more to do with their taste than health reasons. You may want to buy bottled water if you are traveling to remote areas in Barcelona. So, the answer to the question, “Can you drink tap water in Barcelona” is yes.

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