Can You Drink Tap Water in Denver?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Denver?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Denver?

If there is something very interesting that makes Denver a great place to visit, it is the good quality of its tap water that makes people spend less on bottled waters. Are you planning to visit Denver and you want to be very sure if the tap water running there is safe to drink? Don’t look any further. The question, “Can you drink tap water in Denver” is exhaustively addressed in this article.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Denver?

You can drink tap water in Denver. Denver Water, the water service charged with the responsibility of collecting, storing, controlling quality, and distributing drinking water to over 1.4 million people in the city claims that their water is safe to drink. However, they suggest using a filter if you are worried about Lead and Chlorine byproducts.

So, to be on the safer side, you can use an active carbon filter like TAPP. TAPP removes hormones, microplastics, TTHMs, HAAs, and reduces Chromium 6 by 40-70%. TAPP will also help you get rid of any bad odor or taste in your tap water. TAPP also removes lead and other strong metals which can get into the water through poorly maintained pipes in your building and microplastics.

Where Does Denver Water Come From?

Denver tap water flows directly from mountain snowmelt. Denver is first in line to collect from the fresh snow water before it gravitates along the Colorado River and travels as far as South California. Raw water from the mountain ends up in one of 15 reservoirs. The city uses coagulants to treat the water. These coagulants make small particles come together, forming bigger particles heavy enough to settle down at the bottom of a basin. Then, the water is filtered through granulated materials that turn the water into crystal clear water.

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Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water?

Most of the bottled water companies even use tap water as their main water supply. In recent times, bottled water is not as heavily tested or regulated as tap water. Rather, it’s the Food and Drug Administration that regulates bottled water because it’s regarded as a food product.

Many bottled water companies use tap water as their source. Besides, water utilities are mandated to submit reports on their water quality and bottled water companies are not.  Smartwater, Pure Life, Dasani, Aquafina, Evian, Fiji, Mountain Valley, and man others are the popular bottled waters in Deven. But don’t allow anyone to fool you. (Natural Resources Defense Council) (NRDC) estimated that more than 25 percent of bottled water is just filtered tap water offered at a premium price. Bottled water is not only a waste of funds but also causes environmental pollution.

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Can I Drink Tap Water in Denver’s Public Places and Restaurants?

Sadly enough, there is no law asking clubs, restaurants, or hotels to offer their customers tap water for free though many of them do it as a courtesy. Because Colorado is a drought-ravaged state with water restrictions, it might be wrong for these places to give you tap water unless you specifically request for it. There are over 100 water fountains or bubblers in the city. As you move around the city, you can fill up your reusable water. You can use the MyTAPP app (iOS and Android) to locate refill stations around you.

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Can You Request For Water Quality Data?

Water quality-related data are available on the DW GIS Maps and Data Request page. So, you can request there. But you are required to register first. After the process is completed, you can now request for Watershed/Collection Sampling Locations, Watershed/Collection Testing Data, Distribution System Sampling Locations, and Testing Data, as well as Additional Water Quality Data. DW staff will assess your request and contact you.

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