Can You Find Driver License Number by Using Your SSN Online (Social Security Number)?

Can You Find Driver License Number by Using Your SSN Online (Social Security Number)?

Can You Find Driver License Number by Using Your SSN Online (Social Security Number)?

So have you lost your driving license recently and probably need the number urgently. Is it possible to find driver license number by using your SSN online? Depending on where you live, the answer to this question is different, countries like Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom have different laws concerning this, but we will be sharing as much information as possible, and what options are available to you if you ever lose your driver license but need the number.

Can You Find Driver License Number by Using Your SSN Online?

No, you can’t find your driver license number by using your SSN to search online; in fact, that is something you should never do. Many websites that promise to find driver license number online using your SSN are out to steal your identity, so we wouldn’t recommend them.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your driver’s license number using your SSN, but you would have to go to your local DMV office or your state GOV website if there are even any hopes of getting it. According to the SSA, 29 states in the USA currently use the SSN in state drivers’ license systems, and some even include it on the license card, so you surely will be able to get that information by visiting either a local government office, a state GOV website or the DMV office. But don’t give strange websites your SSN in hopes that they will give you your driver’s license number.

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How to find SSN by drivers’ license

Finding your social security number with your driver’s license is very easy in some states in the USA. Around 29 states in the USA presently link your SSN to your driver’s license, so when you receive your driver’s license, you’ll generally see the SSN as one of the data captured alongside your names, age, race, etc. If your state doesn’t have that information, we recommend visiting your state GOV website to try finding your SSN using your driver’s license.

How to find driver’s license number online free

The only way to find your driver’s license number for free either online or offline is via your DMV. You can check here if you’d like to find the driver’s license number online for free. I wouldn’t recommend that you go on any spammy website to try to search for it, as these are often scammers looking to steal your identity and scam you. If your state doesn’t allow finding your driver’s license number online, you might have to pay a visit to your local DMV office.

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How to Find Driver License Number if you ever lose yours

  1. If you ever lose your driver’s license number, we never recommend going online to look it up. We generally recommend looking through your old documents. Look for things like expired driving licenses or vehicle registration documents. If you renewed your driver’s license in the same state, chances are that the numbers will be the same, and in some states, you’re required to keep a copy of your vehicle registration, which always includes your driver’s license number.
  2. Your financial records are another great place to look for your lost driver’s license number. If you have written personal checks that were canceled or you’ve taken pictures of old checks you wrote, you are probably going to find your driver’s license since many retailers write the driver’s license number on the check before accepting it. You should also check your online account with your bank, these often have stored digital images of canceled checks.
  3. Another great way to find your lost driver’s license number is through your insurance company. Insurance companies require that you provide your license if you want to insure a vehicle at the beginning of your policy, so while you won’t find it on the policy itself, they’ll have it on their records. You may need to do some security verifications before they give you the license number though.
  4. Getting in touch with your DMV or the agency that issued the license is another great way to find a lost driver’s license number. Some agencies can even tell you your number over the phone, typically after asking several questions to verify your identity.

So can you find driver license number by using SSN online? No, you can’t. And we generally do not recommend sharing your SSN on some random website promising to help you find your driver’s license number using your social security number. Better still, visit or call the local DMV office, and you can get this sorted out in no time.

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