Can You Walk Around Savannah at Night?

Can You Walk Around Savannah at Night?

Can You Walk Around Savannah at Night?

Savannah enjoys the reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in America, full of elegance and charm. Visitors’ eyes are fed with sights of amazing mansions and carefully laid out squares right by the water. However, even with all these qualities, the city harbors some hidden dangers you must be mindful of during your stay in the city. Hence, it’s quite understandable to see some people asking important questions like, “Can You Walk Around Savannah at Night?” In this article, you have the right answer to this question as well as the things you need to do to stay safe at night in Savannah.

Can You Walk Around Savannah at Night?

You can walk around Savannah at night but you have to be careful, cautious, and security-conscious in some notorious parts of the city. First, there are physical dangers associated with walking around the city at night. Savannah is packed with trees which may house hanging Spanish moss. Sometimes, Spanish moss may have tiny insects known as redbugs. Once they burrow into your skin, they can cause pain and irritation. Don’t even think of touching this substance or trying to bring it home.

Savannah is reputed to be a walking city. There many nice places to walk even along the waterfront. But the danger of taking this route at night is that you might not be aware that the sidewalks are not in good condition due to poor maintenance. Heavy winds, rains, and trees have pushed up the sidewalk bricks. So, at night, chances are that you may trip and fall on the bad sidewalks. But if you are a night owl, come with a strong pair of shoes and a very bright torch.

Many homes are here under renovation, making them construction sites that you may not be aware of when walking at night. Also, there are stairs in many locations that are very steep especially around River Street.

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Can You Go Clubbing in Savannah at Night Alone

In recent times, some parts of Savannah are known for activities especially at night. At night, try and limit yourself to the main strip on River Street where the hotels and bars are. Don’t stroll down dark alleys or isolated areas. Stay where other people are having a blast. More importantly, don’t walk around the city alone at night, especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Make sure you always lock your car and keep your belongings out of sight.

Avoid being drunk at night so that hoodlums won’t take advantage of your state and rob you. At night, the square west of Market Street is considered to be a den of miscreants. Crime is pretty common here. Knowing fully well that visitors have lots of money on them, they are often prime targets for these criminals. Avoid these places at night. Relatively safe places to walk around at night include Historic District Downtown, Southbridge, Wilmington Island, and Dutch Island.

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Is it Safe to Drive in Savannah at Night?           

Driving around the city at night can be a bit challenging. You may need to have a map with you as you drive. However, the historic district is generally said to be safe even at night. Other areas may not be that safe. So, if you are not staying in the district area, keep tabs on your belongings at all times and ensure your car is locked.  At night, finding restaurants that offer good foods at an affordable rate in some places is not very easy.

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