Cheap French Bulldog Puppies Under $500 For Sale Near Me

A sturdy, compact dog breed with bat-like ears and short snout, and a large head, French bulldogs, popularly known as Frenchies are some of the best, most in-demand dog breeds in the world. The French bulldog is cute and affectionate, making it a pet of choice for many families and homes.

If you live in smaller homes, a French bulldog will sure do great as it’s small in size. It’s also loyal and intelligent, getting along with children and other pets well. If you want a dog breed that is happy, social and one that your kids will be safe around, here is one of the tops. Getting cheap French bulldog puppies under $500 is not very easy, but we are sharing some of the top places to look if you’d like to adopt cheap French bulldog puppies under $500.

Cheap French bulldog Puppies Under $500 For Sale near me

  • Lancaster Puppies
  • Pets 4 Home
  • Mypetzilla
  • Xtra Sweet Frenchies
  • Fairy Frenchies

Lancaster Puppies – Cheap French bulldog Puppies Under $500 For Sale near me

One name we will recommend if you are on the lookout for cheap French bulldog puppies under $500 is Lancaster Puppies; in fact, they have a complete category dedicated to pets that are under $500. Lancaster Puppies specializes mainly in the advertisement of pets for dog breeders, puppy sellers, pet lovers, and many others.

They have a carefully vetted marketplace that allows the posting of puppies by verified users. In addition to having a complete category dedicated to pets under $500, it allows you to filter the results by how far or how close you are to the seller, so you would likely not be spending as much money and time to get a pet.

Pets 4 Home

The second place on our list of great places to get cheap French bulldog puppies under $500 is this UK-based online pet marketplace. Pets 4 Home is one of the top names in the pet industry, and they facilitate business between French bulldog puppy breeders and people looking to adopt pets.

Pets 4 Home ensures that all breeders who put up French bulldogs for sale on the platform are cherry-picked, and the company ensures that these breeders follow some of the highest standards in the world of pet breeding. To protect buyers on the platform, there is the Deposits Service where the company holds a deposit of the money set by the buyer until the parties complete arrangements for rehoming and are satisfied with the service offered, or in this case, the French Bulldog puppy getting delivered successfully. The platform also ensures that all breeders who list pets are licensed breeders, while also ensuring that the breeders follow the highest standards set in laws relating to animal welfare, regulations, and advice.


Are you looking for a way to adopt a cheap French bulldog but wouldn’t mind adopting from owners or rescues? Mypetzilla is a mix of all three. Some breeders constantly have beautiful puppies on sale, private owners who would love to sell French bulldog litters, and rescues that have French bulldogs for adoption.

We saw beautiful but cheap French bulldog puppies under $500 for sale, and since one of the most interesting things about the platform is that the location of the seller is visible, I was able to choose from a list of French bulldog puppies for sale by owners near me.

The only difference with some of the options we will be discussing is that this is a free pet classified website, so you will need to do your due diligence concerning the health of the puppy, how socially adjusted it is, and if the seller isn’t out to scam you.

Xtra Sweet Frenchies – French bulldog puppies for sale in New York

If you live in the New York area, Xtra Sweet Frenchies is one of the best places to look for healthy French bulldog breeds. This is a breeder and not some marketplace or pets classifieds website, so you would have fewer puppies to select from and the demand might be high as there are around 3 or 4 batches of French bulldog puppies available every year.

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Fairy Frenchies

Fairy Frenchies passes as another top breeder you want to reach should you be on the lookout for cheap French bulldog puppies under $500 for sale. This is another top French bulldog breeder, and like with most breeders, there is a limited number of bulldog puppies available at any time when compared to marketplaces for pets.

This hobby breeder has been in business for 17 years, and they have around 3-4 litters every year. I have personal experiences with hobby breeders, and one thing I appreciate with this kind of breeder is the passion and time that they put into raising beautiful French bulldog puppies. The puppies are given Nu-Vet vitamins daily, they regularly get vaccinated, they are given the healthiest of diets, and they are given necessary training while ensuring that they are social enough and can easily adapt to any household that adopts them.

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Groups and Pages

Facebook groups and pages are great places to find cheap French bulldog puppies for adoption from owners, and in my search, I found it very easy to see owners near me who were either hobby breeders or full-time breeders of French bulldogs and who sold for around $500. Here is a list of some of the top groups to find cheap French bulldog puppies under $500 for sale near me:

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French Bulldog Puppies For Adoption

  1. Puppies For Sale UK
  2. Puppies For Sale In Texas
  3. Puppies For Sale In Ohio
  4. Puppies For Sale In San Antonio
  5. Puppies For Sale In Michigan
  6. Puppies For Sale In Las Vegas
  7. Puppies For Sale In PA
  8. Puppies For Sale In New Jersey
  9. Puppies For Sale Indiana
  10. Puppies For Sale In GA
  11. Puppies For Sale In NC
  12. Puppies For Sale In VA
  13. Puppies For Sale In Florida
  14. Puppies For Sale In South Carolina
  15. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale In North Carolina
  16. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Illinois
  17. French Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Chicago

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