Differences between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Differences between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Differences between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls

Because Niagara falls sit magnificently between two countries (the US and Canada), it’s not surprising to hear many people asking which side is better. The Niagara Falls are located in a river caller Niagara between the North of Buffalo, New York, and south of Toronto, Canada. Niagara Falls comprises three stunning waterfalls: American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls as well as Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian Side.

Are you wondering which side of Niagara Falls is a perfect holiday destination? In this article, you will get to know the main differences between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls as well as the tourist activities and amenities on both sides.

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Difference between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls

A major difference between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls is the extent of the views you get. From the Canadian side, you can get a panoramic view of all the three waterfalls right from the edge of the gorge. But from the American side, there is the difficulty of seeing the whole of Horseshoe Falls despite many observation decks. Meanwhile, you can only see American falls if you pay to walk through the Cave of the Winds walkways. But then, the falls can only be seen from the bottom and not in full panorama.

Viewing the Niagara Falls from the American side can be likened to sitting beside a television to watch it while the view of the falls from the Canadian side is like watching a TV by squarely sitting in front of it.

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What’s on the Canadian Side?

The Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian side of Niagara Falls) offers you a full view of all three waterfalls. While walking along Niagara Falls Parkway on the edge of the gorge, you can take in all the Niagara Falls. If you want a more commanding view of the Horseshoe Falls, you can go up on the Skylon Tower with a revolving restaurant where you can savor meals and drinks.  Reservation of a table includes free access to the observation deck if you book a ticket online.

The popular Sunday Brunch Buffet costs CAD32.50, which also includes the observation deck as well. But ensure you book your table in advance. You can also view the three Falls from the new Skywheel. The ticket goes for US$11.10. Also, you pay for the Journey Behind the Falls, you will move so close to the Falls and even get drenched in your ponchos.

 You get to take an elevator down 150 feet (45 meters) and pass through a couple of caves and finally arrive at an observation deck adjacent to the falls. The ticket for the Journey Behind The Falls is CAD15.95 plus tax.

If you don’t like walking, there is a hop-on-hop-off bus service that connects the main attractions in town and several lookouts along the Falls; a day ticket is 7$ per person. So, the difference between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe is quite glaring.

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What’s on the American Side?

The difference between Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls also lies in the fact that the American side is less crowded, more serene, and less tacky. The American side has just a wax museum of history, a haunted house, and an imposing aquarium. So, there is not much there. Well, the town still offers some free entertainment like outdoor movie nights in the summer, free board games, and even fitness events.

While the American side does not offer a full panoramic view of all the three falls that the Horseshoe Falls do, it allows you to get very close to the falls. With a free entry into one big observation deck, you can get a good view of the best part of the falls.

There is also a 30-minute boat ride into the boisterous Horseshoe Falls where you can get drenched in your poncho. Better still, you can walk along the wooden walkways of the Cave Of The Winds Experience. The ticket for the Cave of the Winds experience is USD12 per person while the Maid of the Mist is USD17.

The American side of Niagara Falls is also perfect for hiking and walking adventures in addition to visiting the Falls. There are lots of unpaved roads and pathways lined by thick forests and tall trees.

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