Do I Need a Passport to go to Puerto Rico?

Do I Need a Passport to go to Puerto Rico?

Do I Need a Passport to go to Puerto Rico?

Traveling to Puerto Rico for vacation means you are in for a blast. Puerto Rico offers many different spots to hike, swim, surf, eat, drink, party, tour and relax on beautiful beaches, making the country one of the most incredible travel destinations in the world.

Puerto Rico is also one of the most preferred places for family vacations especially among citizens of the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the UK. Travelers from these countries tend to ask this question: Do I need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?

Do I Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico? (For Americans)

As an American, you don’t need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico since it’s a US territory. You only need a government-issued driver’s license, birth certificate, or another valid form of photo ID. But ensure these documents are valid and up-to-date.

Do I Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico? (Travelers from the UK, Canada, and Australia)

Except for US citizens, other travelers going to Puerto Rico are required to show their passports at the airports. Thus, citizens of the UK, Canada, and Australia will need passports to enter Puerto Rico.

The Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico

From mid-April to June is the best time to visit Puerto Rico. This is shortly after the busy winter season and just before the rainy summer. The weather is pleasant and perfect for tourists. The worst times to visit Puerto Rico are September through November.

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Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico


There are warm waters around Puerto Rico, making it one of the best snorkeling tourist destinations in the world. Puerto Rico offers many places for snorkelers to explore, from mangrove forests and coral reefs to shipwrecks. Playa Flamenco, a beach located on the eastern part of Puerto Rico, is one of the most visited beaches for snorkeling. You can get to the beach via ferry from Fajardo or plane from San Juan. Playa Flamenco borders sea turtle nests and a quarter-mile of coral reefs.

Caja De Muertos is another great place for ardent snorkelers. Caja de Muertos is a small island that boasts blue waters and large schools of fish. You can board a ferry from La Guancha Boardwalk in Ponce to visit Caja de Muertos. However, the ferry only goes to the island once a day. So, ensure you confirm arrival and departure times.

Located on the eastern coastline, Monkey Island allows you to snorkel past colonial-era shipwrecks and macaque monkeys.

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Hiking in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s diverse landscapes offer strolling spots for hikers. Do you want a fantastic walk? Take La Mina Trail past Yokahú Tower and then dive into the waterfalls of Cascada La Mina – all in a tropical rainforest called El Yunque.

Tanama is a mountainous area with many hiking activities through coffee fields and caves. Rio Camuy Cave Park, which is one of the biggest cave systems in the world is packed with large caverns to explore.


The west coast of Puerto Rico is one of the best surfing sites in the world. With the island’s sparsely populated beaches and crystal-clear waves, surfing is one of the best activities to enjoy in Puerto Rico 


This is perfect for intermediate and beginner surfers. The best time to visit this town is from November to March.


With rocky outcrops and coral reefs, Isabela is perfect for expert surfers to strut their stuff.  You can checkout Middles Beach and Jobos Beach where waves go beyond 7 feet high.

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The western town of Aguadilla is known for its great surfing swells. Beaches like Surfers beach or wilderness often have fewer locals and tourists hanging around.   


From local food stands and restaurants to deluxe restaurants, Puerto Rico has diverse yummy cuisines for you to enjoy. These places are must-visits for fantastic meals including Piñones Boardwalk, Miramar Food Truck Pack, La Ruta De Lechon (The Park Highway), Ricomini Bakery, Jose Enrique, and lots more.


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