Eddie Bauer Vs Columbia – Which Is A Better Brand?

Eddie Bauer Vs Columbia – Which Is A Better Brand?

Eddie Bauer Vs Columbia – Which Is A Better Brand?

To many, the world of outdoor clothing is not limited to only certain brands, and this leads to one thing, indecisiveness. 

You’d need a detailed comparison if you’ve narrowed your outdoor clothing brand choices down to Eddie Bauer vs Columbia. 

There is more to these two than meets the eye. Quality and sustainability concerns are factors you should consider when deciding on a good outdoor clothing brand. 

We’ve made a detailed comparison of these two intensely competitive outdoor brands, so you can conveniently pick out which option suits your needs better. 

Eddie Bauer vs Columbia – The brands compared

Eddie Bauer and Columbia produce a versatile range of outdoor clothing and gear from hiking boots to backpacks to jackets. 

Here’s a side-by-side Eddie Bauer vs Columbia comparison of both brands. 


Eddie Bauer products are more quality and longevity than Columbia. 

Sustainability concerns

The Eddie Bauer brand pays more attention to sustainability than Columbia. For example, Eddie Bauer uses recycled polyester and nylon in their apparel. 

Comfort and Breathability

Eddie Bauer’s apparel and gear are made with WeatherEdge technology to improve breathability. On the other hand, Columbia products are not as breathable as Eddie Bauer products. 

Water resistance

Columbia and Eddie Bauer take water resistance into consideration with their equipment and clothing. Columbia’s products rely on Omni-Tech and Outdry Extreme technologies for waterproofing, while Eddie Bauer’s products rely on WeatherEdge technology.

However, some Eddie Bauer products come with StormDown fill-down, a down coated with DWR. DWR coating is water repellent, which means that Eddie Bauer puts more work into water resistance. 

Insulation and Warmth

Both brands rely on fill-down for insulation for some of their products. The difference is Eddie Bauer uses StormDown and ThinDown while Columbia uses DoubleWall, Thermarator, and Turbo Down Wave. 

Some Eddie Bauer products are made using Thermafill Synthetic Insulation, while some Columbia products rely on reflective insulation technologies like Omni-heat reflective and Omni-gear 3D. 


Columbia and Eddie Bauer are both affordably-priced. 


Eddie Bauer has a lifetime warranty on all their gear, while Columbia has a limited 1-year warranty.

Columbia Jackets vs. Eddie Bauer jackets


Not all jackets in Columbia’s and Eddie Bauer’s lineup are waterproof. However, Columbia’s waterproof jackets depend on Omni-Tech technology for its waterproofing needs, while Eddie Bauer’s waterproof jackets use WeatherEdge technology for waterproofing and breathability. 

Quality and Durability

Jackets from both brands are good quality and offer longevity, but just enough for their prices. There are several other outdoor brands whose jackets provide better quality and durability.


Both brands pay attention to insulation on their jackets. For example, Eddie Bauer jackets use StormDown and ThinDown to insulate their down jackets. On the other hand, Jackets from Columbia use DoubleWall, Thermarator, and Turbo Down Wave as fill-down for their down jackets. 

Eddie Bauer jackets can sometimes come with Thermafill. Meanwhile, some jackets by Columbia have Omni-heat reflective technology, an insulation technology that allows the jacket to use the heat from the sun to keep you warm.


Jackets from both brands are reasonably priced for the quality they offer. 

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Columbia South Canyon Long Down Parka vs. Eddie Bauer Superior Down Parka


Both parka jackets come with 650 fill-down to keep you warm on those even in unfavorable weather conditions. However, the Columbia Down Parka is aided with Omni-heat reflective technology to add to the warm effect of the fill-down.

Both Parkas come with a hood and faux fur to keep your head warm and comfortable.

Breathability and comfort

The Eddie Bauer Superior Parka does not do an excellent job with comfort. But, on the other hand, Columbia Parka gets an A+ for its breathable Omni-tech technology.

Water resistance

Both Eddie Bauer Parka and Columbia Parka have water resistance technologies. Columbia’s Omni-tech fabric is the show start with the Columbia South Canyon Long Down Parka, while the Eddie Bauer Superior Parka comes with a highly waterproof shell. 


The Eddie Bauer Superior Parka is of higher quality than the Columbia South Canyon Long Down Parka. 


The Columbia South Canyon Long Down Parka costs more than the Eddie Bauer Superior Parka jacket. 

Is Eddie Bauer a designer brand?

Eddie Bauer is not a designer brand, but we understand why you’d assume that. 

For decades, Eddie Bauer was considered a high-end brand even though its products have always been relatively expensive. However, Eddie Bauer’s recent designs have found a way to intersect outdoor clothing and modern style. 

Eddie Bauer is one of the few brands that have hacked the production of well-designed outdoor clothing and gear. 

Is Eddie Bauer a luxury brand? 

No, Eddie Bauer is not a luxury brand. 

If you had asked this question decades ago, we would have said yes, but not anymore. 

Eddie Bauer’s past luxury status is deep-rooted in being one of the oldest American outdoor brands, especially since an outdoor enthusiast founded it. 



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