FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending? Here Is What It Means

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending? Here Is What It Means

FedEx Scheduled Delivery: Pending? Here Is What It Means

FedEx allows shippers to track their packages as it moves across the globe. FedEx has a reputation for delivering on time, posing as one of the biggest competitors to DHL. According to statistics, around 98 percent of these packages arrive at the customer’s point of collection on time.

The fast and efficient delivery of FedEx packages heavily depends on the company’s tracking system, including the messages that are regularly sent out to keep customers informed of both the position and condition of their packages.

Sometimes, though, the FedEx tracking system can malfunction, and when you use your tracking number to check the position of your package, you will get certain notifications that show something might be wrong or just a notification that you aren’t sure what could be the situation of things with your order. One of those is the FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending notification when you try to check the position of your order. What does it mean and what are the options that are available to you? This article will be discussing this.

What the FedEx Scheduled Delivery: Pending notification means

The FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending notification means that there is going to be a delay with your package delivery. Let’s say the package was planned for January 10th by 3 pm. If there is a delay from their end, or if issues are verifying if you are the owner of the package, if in very rare situations your package is either lost, stolen, or damaged, and they won’t be able to make the delivery on schedule, you will be seeing the “Scheduled Delivery: Pending” notification.

You can also check with them directly by putting a call across to the FedEx customer support because we have had times when the Scheduled Delivery: Pending notification was a fancy way to tell you that they won’t be able to make the delivery to you and you have to come to their office to pick the parcel.

FedEx No Scheduled Delivery Date Available At This Time

FedEx no scheduled delivery date available at this time notification mostly means that your package is simply new to the FedEx tracking ecosystem. Since the company handles millions of packages every day, many packages are constantly being added to and sent out of their infrastructure, and since every one has to be scanned into the system, and this scanning will continue all through the lifetime of the package on the road, you can expect some delays, hence the no scheduled delivery date available at this time notification.

So if you just dropped it off, or you are notified that the package is being prepared for shipment, there wouldn’t be any tracking information yet, hence the FedEx “no scheduled delivery date available at this time” message.

Most people will receive this on international packages, or on local packages that have just been given a tracking number but are not yet moving, and the only time when you can start getting estimates of when the item will be delivered will be when it moves closer to you. The closer it is to you the customer, the more accurate the delivery information is.

So you just need to give it some time, and as we suggested for users who get the Scheduled Delivery Pending notification, you should see the FedEx “no scheduled delivery date available at this time” message disappear as the package moves through the system. Although we recommend that you contact them if you don’t get an update within a few days.

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Are the FedEx delivery times accurate?

FedEx has a track record for making deliveries on time, but as with every service out there, we have seen customers with both good and bad experiences using the company to ship packages. For many, FedEx fails to deliver on time, and as you can see, some of their shipping notifications can be vague. You would also consider the driver’s route. There could be between a few minutes to a few hours’ delays depending on what route the driver is taking.

Can we say the FedEx scheduled delivery is guaranteed?

As we mentioned in the preceding paragraph, there could be both good and bad reviews when it comes to the scheduled delivery. But mostly, FedEx packages get delivered between 1 to 3 business days, and while you can use the scheduled delivery dates as a ballpark, it’s not set in stone and there could be delays in deliveries.

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Why are there FedEx delayed delivery problems?

Most FedEx delayed delivery problems are more of internal issues than issues from you the customer. FedEx delayed deliveries are caused by the route of the driver, and in some cases, heavy internal traffic and administration issues. If your packages are not logged in on time, or if they are lost or stolen, we expect that these will cause a delay.

Bad weather conditions, holidays (Black Friday, Christmas, Amazon Prime days) will all have an impact on the time your package will be delivered. We also won’t completely remove factors like faulty documentation, incorrect customer address, and inability to reach your preferred destination because of FedEx delayed delivery problems.

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