How Fast Can an Alligator Run on Land?

How Fast Can an Alligator Run on Land?

How Fast Can an Alligator Run on Land?

Alligators are semi-aquatic reptiles that live on both land and water. Now, you may be wondering, what if you’re being chased? How fast can an alligator run on land? You’ve probably heard the myth that if an alligator is chasing you, you should run in a zig-zag pattern.

Well, the chances of an alligator running on land are relatively low. Although they can run fast in the water, they hardly run long distances on land. So how do you know the exact distances they can cover? This article provides the distance an alligator can cover on land alongside other factors to consider.

How Fast Can An Alligator Run On Land?

An alligator can run 32 kilometers per hour with its heavy body and slow metabolism. This speed is usually seen when an alligator is lunging after prey on the water bank, not when it’s running across a large land area. Naturally, alligators do not run far. Besides, they achieve their 32 kilometers per hour speed in short bursts

An average alligator of 7 feet can run for 19 miles per hour, and a large alligator can run less. In water, an alligator can swim 20 miles per hour. Undoubtedly they have more stamina in the water. So you should never try to challenge an alligator in the water

Can Alligators Climb Trees?

There’s a popular misconception that no matter how fast an alligator can run on land, it can’t climb a tree. As if sprinting is not enough, gators can also climb trees, ladders, and even fences. They have sharp claws and powerful tails that help them push their bodies up.

Moreover, young alligators are agile climbers. Many of them have been known to climb trees and walls to get to water or escape captivity. To keep alligators out of your territory, ensure your fence is 4.5 feet tall or more.

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Do Alligators Have Poor Eyesight?

In truth, they have excellent eyesight that enables them to hunt prey easily. Their good vision allows them to sneak up on prey while hidden in the water. Alligators are particularly adapted to see and sense the movement of potential prey.

Plus, the position of their eyes gives them a wide sight range. So if you’re wondering how fast an alligator can run on land? The reason can also be attributed to their excellent eyesight. The only place they cannot see is the area behind them.

Can Alligators Jump?

Yes, alligators can jump. They employ numerous tactics, including jumping, to catch their prey. Alligators can jump up to 7 feet in the air. Their jumping isn’t limited to inside the water alone. Their attack is all about speed since they are quick and powerful.

However, to make the best use of their 30 miles/hour sprint, they jump. Jumping gets them up a tree branch and allows them to strike their prey from a lower position. They usually propel themselves with their back legs and use their length to advantage.

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Can You Outrun an Alligator?

The average human can easily outrun an alligator on land, zigzag or not. This is because they can’t maintain their speed for long. However, there has been no documented evidence of alligators chasing after humans. If an alligator charges aggressively towards you, run fast away from it.


Now you know how fast an alligator can run on land, do not put yourself in danger by swimming in water where alligators live. Moreover, never put yourself on the spot where you’ll have to test how fast an alligator can run on land. Alligators can run, jump, and climb trees easily.

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