How to Tell If a Filipina Is Lying and How to Know If Your Filipina Is Honest

How to Tell If a Filipina Is Lying and How to Know If Your Filipina Is Honest

How to Tell If a Filipina Is Lying and How to Know If Your Filipina Is Honest

We all hate it when someone lies to us, and we have probably lied to some other person, so it’s pretty common to have people tell lies. Pretty much every human has been in a position where telling a lie is the way out of a situation, and in many cases, there really might not be something wrong with this, because as a friend will say, “lying is holding back information from someone who deserves to know the truth of a matter”.

But if you’re either an expat or someone dating a Filipina, there are some telltale signs of a Filipina who is either lying or isn’t completely honest with you. So in this article, we will be discussing the answers to things such as how to tell if a Filipina is lying, how to know if your Filipina is being honest with you, and some other interesting questions about dealing with a Filipina.

How to Tell If a Filipina Is Lying

  • Are they fidgety and groomy?
  • Creating a barrier
  • Being vague
  • Eye contact
  • Avoidance
  • A track record
  • Imbalance in the give-and-take relationship
  • Reverse the questions

Are they fidgety?

Are they fidgety? Whether the person is a Filipina or not, whether it’s a man or woman, it’s generally accepted that body language is a good clue that someone is either lying to you or is being dishonest with you. So if someone is fidgety, wringing their hands, or fiddling with their hair, these are often good clues that they are lying. While this is a great clue in many cases, it really isn’t a surefire way to detect a lie, because some of these are also clues that people will give off if they are nervous, anxious, and sometimes of low confidence levels.

Creating a barrier

Creating a barrier between you and them is another good way to tell when someone is lying to you, Filipina or not. The person may either fold their arms or move objects to serve as barriers between you.

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Being Vague

It’s way too easy to detect when someone is lying especially when they are vague about the details of things that happened. They will leave out important details, details that are probably going to prove that they are the culprits in their own stories. This way, the liar hopes to get away by editing the pieces of information they share with you. 

This very one is often accompanied by overthinking. Generally, when people are being vague, they are constantly thinking very hard about things to add to the narrative to make the story have more details. So being vague often goes along with finding it really hard to come up with a fitting story to fill in the gaps.

Eye contact

When dealing with a Filipina, eye contact is one of the first things you’d notice that they appreciate, but frequent eye contact might make a Filipina uncomfortable. Hence, this one is quite tricky. But the rule remains the same, when your Filipina boyfriend or girlfriend is lying to you, they’ll generally avoid your gaze. This is also the case when dealing with people from pretty much anywhere in the world.

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When people tell lies, they’ll probably enter the avoidance mode. Either they’ll avoid physically getting to see and talk to you, or they’ll avoid even speaking to you both on calls and via chat. When someone you suspect of lying to you isn’t wanting to face you and face questioning, that is often a sign that they have entered a damage control mode.

A track record

This should be quite obvious, but if someone has formed the practice of telling lies to get out of seemingly less tense situations in the past, and you notice this is repeated, then that is often an indication that they’ll lie on bigger things. So try to know if they lie casually, and you’d probably be able to draw a pattern of what they talk and behave like when they are lying to you.

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Imbalance in the give-and-take relationship

Giving and taking in a relationship should be pretty balanced. So if you’re dating a Filipina guy or girl, try to notice what the giving and taking part in the relationship is like. Are they always on the receiving end, or do they give you a thoughtful gift? If they are giving you as much as you’re giving them, your relationship with a Filipina is healthy enough, but when it becomes you being the one always doing the giving, you may be on the receiving end of a lie. If it’s in a relationship, hold back from giving for some time and see how they react.

Reverse the questions

As a rule of thumb, when you feel someone is lying to you, ask them to repeat the information again or in reverse. Many times, when a liar is repeating the account, they’ll exclude or add some information, and that is often a telltale sign.

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How to Know If Your Filipina Is Honest

Telling when someone is honest is pretty much the opposite of telling if they’re lying.

  1. For the most part, they’ll be on the same wavelength as you when it comes to the giving and taking part in the relationship.
  2. The stories they tell you are longer and have more detail. Does the story have complete details? Are the explanations they give you logical when you ask them questions? Is their account well-explained? This is often a sign that your Filipina is being honest with you.
  3. There is the right amount of eye contact. If a Filipina is maintaining healthy amounts of eye contact when they are explaining details of something to you, it’s sometimes an indication that they are being honest with you.
  4. If their voice and breathing are stable, it’s also a good indication that they are telling the truth, or being  honest with you. Since lack of these often indicate dishonesty or anxiety, this is often a sign that they are not struggling to string information together on the spot.
  5. If people are not excessively groomy, and the blinking remains steady, it’s an indication that they are being honest with you.
  6. The most important factor is your instincts. If your instincts seem to agree with them, it’s a good enough indication of you accepting either that someone is being dishonest or lying to you.

So that’s our article on How to Tell If a Filipina Is Lying and How to Know If Your Filipina Is Honest. We’d sure love to read your thoughts in the comments.

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