Is Baja California In Mexico or the US? Is It Even Safe?

Is Baja California In Mexico or the US? Is It Even Safe?

Is Baja California In Mexico or the US? Is It Even Safe?

It is not uncommon to have people confused about if Baja California is in Mexico or the US. Tourists flood Baja California for several reasons, one being how beautiful it is. The state is also popular for sport fishing and its exquisite shoreline. However, it is safe to say that many of these tourists might be confused about what country it is located in.

So, Is Baja California in Mexico or the US? We will be sharing some information about the state, the best places to visit while you’re there, and other information for those planning to visit.

Why Is It Called Baja California?

Baja California is named after the peninsula where it is found. It was originally simply called ‘California’ several years ago, and it was the first place ever to be called that. California was used by the Spanish to refer to the entire region. It was then divided into the northern part, ‘Alta California’ (Upper California), and the southern part, ‘Baja California’ (Lower California).

In 1848, the US took Alta California and changed it to California two years later. Baja California was further divided into the northern part, which remained ‘Baja California’, and the southern part, which became ‘Baja California Sur.’

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Is Baja California In Mexico Or the Us?

Baja California is a Mexican state. California was originally in Mexico, but it was split into ‘Alta California’ and ‘Baja California.’ Then the US took ‘Alta California’ after the Mexican-American War, and ‘Baja California’ simply remained with Mexico. It was then split into ‘Baja California’ and ‘Baja California Sur.’

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Best Places to Visit in Baja California

Some of the best places to visit in Baja California are:

  • TODOS SANTOS – Famous for its beautiful sunsets and yoga retreats, Todos Santos is a blissful vacation town with lots of fun activities and treasures like Playa Cerritos, Pescadero, Punta Lobos, and Bar Bahia. It is a great place for artists and surfers to spend some time relaxing.
  • CABO PULMO – A national park that has become a haven for scuba fanatics and nature lovers. This is a great place for diving and wild camping. It is also home to one of the three reefs on the continent.
  • BALANDRA – Located in La Paz, the bay of Balandra is a magnificent beach, particularly known for its fairly shallow, calm, and brilliantly clear blue water. Surrounded by dunes, it is a great place for kayaking, paddle boarding, or just hanging out, enjoying the view.
  • WINE ROUTE IN THE VALLE DE GUADALUPE – The perfect destination for wine lovers, Valle de Guadalupe produces 90% of the wine from Mexico. It attracts visitors with its landscaped wineries and excellent restaurants.
  • THE ARCH OF CABO SAN LUCAS – This wave-carved arch is a must-see for those visiting Baja California. It is one of the most popular tourist activities in Cabo.
  • SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO – This resort area is home to great restaurants and bars. It might be best enjoyed by artists, food lovers, or tourists looking for more culture.

Things to Do in Baja California At Night

One of the most popular things to do in Baja California at night is partying. Of the several bars and clubs in Baja, you could pick any, and you’re guaranteed a great time. You can also join any nightclub tour for a wonderful night. Always remember to stay safe and don’t drive under the influence.

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Do You Need A Passport to Fly to Baja, California?

Yes, you need a passport to fly to Baja, California. If you were driving to the state, you might not be required to present a passport. Other documents are accepted at the border, including a passport card, Sentri pass, Fast pass, or enhanced ID. However, this only applies to travel by road or sea. There are no exceptions for travel by air.

Is Baja California Safe?

Yes, Baja California is fairly safe. The state is filled with friendly and hospitable people. If you’re visiting Baja, California, we suggest researching your destination to ensure it is safe. We also recommend being vigilant and avoiding any form of crime or drugs.

One of the more dangerous towns in Baja is Tijuana – you might want to keep a distance. Some of the safest areas in Baja are Todos santos, San felipe, and Ensenada. The majority of crimes committed in Baja are petty. It would be best to keep an eye out for crimes like theft and pickpocketing.

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What Documents Do I Need to Travel to Baja, California?

Firstly, you would need a passport to travel to Baja, California. It would help if you also traveled with your driver’s license, passport card, tourist permit, Mexican auto insurance, original vehicle license and registration, and a fishing license (for those who plan to fish). It is also a good idea to make copies of your documentation and leave some back at home with family.


Those confused about whether Baja California is in Mexico or the US will get more clarification in this article. We have basically developed a guide for first-time travelers to Baja, California. Remember that as beautiful and welcoming as the state is, you should always keep an eye out and stay safe.



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