Is it Safe to Walk the Camino de Santiago Alone? – A Guide for the Solo Traveler

Is it Safe to Walk the Camino de Santiago Alone? – A Guide for the Solo Traveler

Is it Safe to Walk the Camino de Santiago Alone? – A Guide for the Solo Traveler

Walking the Camino De Santiago is a very memorable experience, one you can have in many different ways whether as a cultural pilgrimage, a religious pilgrimage, or a mix of both; it can be done on foot, on horseback, on a bike, or even in a wheelchair. You can do it alone or with a group. There is one mode of exploring the Camino De Santiago that still scares some people, triggering questions in their mind like “Is it safe to walk the Camino de Santiago alone? “ This article will provide you with tips you’d need to have a safer experience walking the Camino de Santiago alone.

Is it Safe to Walk the Camino de Santiago Alone?

It’s safe to walk the Camino de Santiago alone provided you are going to act on the tips in this article. Understandably, the issue of safety tends to come up when people contemplate walking the Camino de Santiago alone. Only a handful of not-so-good incidents are recorded every year, like people missing their way or sustaining injuries along dark paths. Thankfully, the rest of the article hands you tips to help you have a safer solo walk.

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Get a Guide Book

Walking the Camino de Santiago in a group means different responsibilities are shared among different members of the clique, but if you are walking alone, you will shoulder all the responsibilities alone. So, it’s best you get a Camino guidebook containing all the information needed from lodging, distances to routes.

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Enjoy Your Solo Moments

As much as it’s interesting to interact and flow with other pilgrims, we also enjoin you to have this long-distance walk without a partner. During this lone moment, you may want to reflect on life in general, talk to yourself deeply or simply open your eyes and take in the amazing surroundings in delight. Immersing yourself in the magic of the Camino de Santiago is a valuable moment for anyone.

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Avoid Walking at Night

It’s best to avoid walking at night. Just like most pilgrims, try to be an early riser and set out very early in the morning to cover a lot of ground before the evening comes calling. It’s important to plan your walking trip this way as much as possible. In the dark, following the trail arrows are much more challenging irrespective of how well marked the trail arrows may seem to be. To be on the safe side, start your trip very early in the morning so that you can return early.

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Carry a Charged Cell Phone

If you pilgrimage alone, it is important to take a fully charged phone, even though it may seem unnecessary sometimes. This device helps you to quickly address any kind of inconvenience (accidents, etc.).

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If You’re Confused, Ask Questions

Generally, the Caminos are properly marked with visible and clear signs. Even with that, it’s still possible to miss your way. If you get trapped in this situation, the next line of action is to seek help from anyone close to you, be it a resident, a policeman, or a fellow pilgrim. The locals will be very eager to help you and bring you back on track.

If there is something Camino de Santiago is known for, it’s the amazing proclivity of the locals to help pilgrims. You will run into locals and residents. Once they see you with a backpack, they already know you are a pilgrim. They will help you and guide you. You may even ask them places to visit in the city, where to stay, where and what to eat. Not only will you get their help at no cost, but you will also be glad to meet incredible people.

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