Is Marmot a good brand for tents & jackets?

Is Marmot a good brand for tents & jackets?

Is Marmot a good brand for tents & jackets

Most people who are interested in camping and similar outdoor activities have likely heard about Marmot. Particularly because they are renowned for their tents and sports clothing.

Many people have already joined the bandwagon, but it is understandable if you would like to know more before purchasing Marmot gear for your next camping trip. Well, what do the reviews say? Is Marmot a good brand? Just how good are their items? Stick around and we’ll tell you!

Is Marmot a good brand?

We can easily say yes. Marmot is one of the most solid brands to consider when you’re purchasing camping and outdoor gear. There’s a reason their name comes up in so many conversations about outdoor sports, and we’ll tell you why. Apart from the quality of their products (which is pretty impressive), they also have an all-around amazing customer service experience.

Many reviews from Marmot customers say that the tents are very high quality and have been proven to withstand harsh weather conditions, and also last very long. And if you need to replace a product for some reason, you likely won’t have any trouble doing so.

What kind of brand is Marmot?

Marmot is a brand focused on clothing for outdoor recreational activities and sporting gear. Marmot was founded in 1974 and is an American brand. Since then, the brand has been committed to redefining outdoor activities for everyone. They have done this by creating a community where people who enjoy outdoor activities can get the best apparel and gear for their outdoor adventures.

Is Marmot made in the USA?

Well, to an extent, yes. High-end manufacturing is done in Rohnert Park, California. But some manufacturing is done in other countries as well. Some added manufacturing is done in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and a few other countries.

Where is Marmot clothing from?

Marmot clothing is mostly made in Rohnert Park, as this is where they are based and also where they started. Their clothing and equipment are made from recycled, eco-friendly materials. In their words, they aren’t trying to “wreck the planet”. Their fabrics are bluesign certified and known to be very durable.

Are Marmot ski jackets good?

We can confidently say that they are. Marmot makes quality products that last very long, and their ski jackets are no exception. Many customer reviews have similar themes- that the jackets stay for a very long time. They could last for years without any noticeable wear and tear. This is because they make quality products. It is also because they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

Is Marmot a good tent brand?

Marmot is one of the best tent brands, of all the options you have. Apart from having a great product, Marmot tents are also a cheaper alternative compared to their many counterparts. If you are a baby camper that wants to invest in good gear that will hold over time, this will be good for you. Marmot is also great for experienced campers who need to replace old equipment without breaking the bank. Let’s look at 5 of the best tents you can get with Marmot.

Thor 3P

This Marmot tent does remarkably well under the harshest weather conditions. It is resilient and will last for a very long time.

Limestone 4-8P

The Limestone 4-8P has a lot of space. You will enjoy relaxing in it on camping trips when the weather is okay, and you just want to unwind.

Limestone 2-4P

Everyone will appreciate the Limestone 2-4P as it accommodates several group sizes and favors everyone regardless of how experienced they are.

Tungsten 4P

If your camping group is considerable, but not too large, you will appreciate the Tungsten 4P. It is perfect for a casual camping trip.

Catalyst 3P

The Catalyst 3P is another sturdy tent with a particularly tough floor. If you have pets and would like to take them with you on a camping trip sometime, you should consider getting this model as it accommodates them very well!

Marmot VS Arcteryx

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between Marmot and Arcteryx. Both brands are centered around outdoor recreational apparel, both brands have great reviews, and are both environmentally friendly. We will compare a few jackets from each brand and see which works best for you.

Marmot Fordham Jacket VS Arcteryx Thorium AR Hoody Jacket

The Fordham jacket is super warm and comfortable. You would be signing up for some great features like a detachable hood and moisture resistance. It is also well insulated and has many, many pockets. Unfortunately, this jacket has been said to be a little too tight around the collar, so you might not enjoy it as much.

The Thorium hoody jacket is highly wind-resistant, insulated, and breathable. It has an adjustable hem drawcord and is super compressible. However, it is very bulky, and that is sometimes a disadvantage.

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Marmot Azos Down Jacket VS Arcteryx Fission SV Jacket

The down jacket is incredibly lightweight with an elastic-bound hem and cuffs. You can wash it with your machine (ensure you use cold water), and it comes with zippered hand pockets. Unfortunately, there is no hood.

The Fission jacket has multiple waterproof layers that protect you against extreme weather conditions and comes with a hood that goes well with helmets. It provides a lot of warmth and is quite fashionable as well. Unfortunately, this jacket may break the bank.

Marmot VS Arcteryx pricing

Arcteryx products are generally more expensive than Marmot products. The prices are on the high side. To be fair, their products are super durable and can withstand frequent exposure to harsh weather conditions. Marmot products are also really great and will last you a while.

If you frequently visit harsher climates, you might want to invest in pricier, more durable apparel. Otherwise, you should go for something that is affordable and will last you a long time.

Marmot VS Arcteryx sizing

While both brands are mostly true-to-size, Arcteryx is generally known to have a better fit.



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