Where to find Mobile Homes for Sale under $5000 and $10000

Where to find Mobile Homes for Sale under $5000 and $10000

Where to find Mobile Homes for Sale under $5000 and $10000

Mobile homes, for many who want to live a semi-nomadic life, are a great addition especially if you’ve been playing around with the idea of living out of your mobile home and traveling around the United States and Canada or even travel a little further. Mobile homes can be pretty expensive, hence many are on the lookout for mobile homes that are relatively cheap, in the budget range, and in some cases, used options.

So we are putting this article together with a list of places where you can find mobiles homes for sale under $5000 and mobile homes for sale under $10000 in states like Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan,  Georgia, and a few other states and countries.

Mobile Homes for Sale under $5000 and Under $10000 – Where to Buy

  • KeystoneRV
  • Autotrader
  • Lazy Days
  • RCD RV
  • Mobile Homes for Sale by owner pages and groups

KeystoneRV — Cheap Mobile Homes for Sale near Me

KeystoneRV is a company that specializes in the production of towable RVs and mobile homes. Since companies that sell these towable homes only sell the homes without an engine, drivetrain and you don’t have to invest in all of the bits and parts that make a self-propelled mobile home, they make the best options if you’re looking for mobile homes on a budget.

These mobile homes come built with a range of comfort and convenience options, and you can have them towed by a car, truck, or SUV. You will need to be sure the vehicle you’re using to tow it is strong enough for the size of the mobile home in question. KeystoneRV sure sells different designs, sizes, and build qualities of mobile homes.


If you live in Canada, Autotrader markets mobile homes for sale under $5000, and mobile homes for sale under $10000 depending on your budget.  Autotrader also allows you to put up mobile homes for sale depending on the resale value of your mobile home. They also allow you not only to buy mobile homes, but you’d also be able to negotiate prices put up by sellers on the platform.

Lazy Days

Lazy Days has some of the best listings of RVs and mobile homes we can think of. On our check, Lazy Days has a minimum of mobile homes sold for under $10000. The company works with some of the leading lenders in the United States, hence an option to finance the purchase of your mobile homes.

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Wilkins RV – Mobile Homes for Sale under 10000 near me

Wilkins RV deals in the sales, purchase, and financing of RVs and mobiles. You get access to a collection of top RVs that are of the best quality on the market. These include both new and used RVs. Wilkins RV deals mainly in the sales of RVs in the New York state, and you could either pick them yourself from the seller or have your mobile home delivered to you.

RCD RV – Houses for Sale under $5000 near me

RCD RV has some of the best used mobile homes for sale under $10000 in Ohio. If you are looking for a mobile home that’s high quality, almost new, with a range of amazing features, RCD RV has some of the best options, and at budget prices, so you enjoy the comfort of a mobile home without breaking the pocket. You should be able to get your hands on nice RVs and mobile homes in places like Heath, Sunbury, and Pataskala.

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Mobile Home Spot – Mobile Homes for Sale under $50000

If you’re likely to spend more on a mobile home, a great place to find the latest Mobile Homes for Sale under $50000 is Mobile Home Spot. This company has a list of some of the latest mobile homes scattered around the United States. The company is based out of Florida, and they pride themselves on having simple, stress-free processes. If you have a larger budget, Mobile Home Spot is sure a great place to get a mobile home.

Mobile Homes for Sale pages and groups – Mobile Homes for Sale by Owner

Whether you’re on Facebook or Reddit, there are mobile homes constantly being put on sale by owners. While most of these don’t have the kind of build you will find on RVs as they have a measure of comfort, you might not be getting something as mobile as an RV or Camper.

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