Mountain Hardwear Vs Patagonia – Brand Comparison

Mountain Hardwear Vs Patagonia – Brand Comparison

Mountain Hardwear Vs Patagonia – Brand Comparison

Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia are two innovative companies at the top of their game in the outdoor gear sphere.

Both brands seem to be expressing their innovative ideas in unique and original ways, but things begin to get tough when one brand seems to be outperforming the other.

From sizing and fitting to pricing, and sustainable manufacturing, several factors are important to look out for when trying to establish the top brand.

To give you an in-depth look at how Mountain Hardwear vs Patagonia perform when compared to each other, we outlined their pros and cons in this brand comparison.

Mountain Hardwear vs Patagonia – Brand comparison

You can agree that sportswear is a vital part of your outdoor experience. Sports gear choices solidly depend on the activities you’d be taking part in and your body size/structure. Here’s a Mountain Hardwear vs Patagonia brand comparison we believe would help make your decision easier.

Sizing and Fitting

Some Mountain Hardwear customers prefer to patronize Mountain Hardwear jackets for slimmer, taller builds because Mountain Hardwear jackets usually have longer hem and sleeves that appeal more to the taller and athletic crowd. However, this doesn’t mean that Patagonia jackets are not inclusive of individuals with a slim and tall build, it just means that Mountain Hardwear does it better.

If fitting and sizing matter a lot to you, you should not be too bothered with the Mountain Hardwear vs Patagonia comparisons and simply go with the brand that fits better.


Patagonia jackets and sweaters are known to be well-insulated. Patagonia jackets and sweaters are better at keeping you warm and cozy compared to their Mountain Hardwear counterparts.


Patagonia pieces usually cost more than Mountain Hardwear pieces. 


Patagonia produces apparel other than sportswear; they have products that can be used for both outdoor activities and everyday activities. On the other hand, Mountain Hardwear is considered a more mountain-activity-centered brand.

Manufacturing process

Patagonia’s manufacturing process is more environmentally conscious in comparison to Mountain Hardwear. So for the core environmentalists who are concerned about which brands have the least impacts on the environment in Their Manufacturing Processes, Then We’d Lean Towards Patagonia.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Vs Patagonia Down Sweater

Both are interesting options, but if you’re interested in a 3-season jacket, we recommend the Mountain headwear ghost whisperer. 

However, the Patagonia down sweater has better insulation than the ghost whisperer. The former does more in keeping you warm and comfortable than the ghost whisperer. This is probably due to the mid-weight nature of the Patagonia down sweater and the lighter-weight nature of the ghost whisperer jacket. 

Also, when it comes to durability, leave it to the Patagonia down sweater to do a better job than the Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer. 

Both jackets usually fall within a price range of $194 – $324.

Is Patagonia more expensive than Mountain Hardwear?

Yes, they are. 

Although Mountain Hardwear produces quality clothing as well as Patagonia, Patagonia apparels are generally pricier than Mountain Hardwear pieces.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow Vs Patagonia Nano Puff

Two things are common with these jackets, they both have merely impressive insulation and a lightweight feel. Although the ghost shadow jacket has better insulation when compared to the nano-puff jacket, with the former having 80g insulation and the latter, 60g insulation. 

The Patagonia nano-puff jacket is not very breathable. However, this synthetic, jacket has a fairly good water-resistant shell. Meanwhile, the Ghost shadow jacket has a thin outer shell, which means lesser water resistance. 

The nano-puff weighs slightly more than the ghost shadow, which should not be surprising because the former has a denser shell. 

The Mountain Hardwear ghost shadow jacket has a more appealing design than the Patagonia nano-puff. 

If you’re price-conscious, the Patagonia nano-puff might appeal less to you compared to the Mountain Hardwear ghost shadow jacket. 

Patagonia Micro Puff Vs Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer

Both are relatively quality lightweight jackets, but the ghost whisperer is less water-resistant and weighs less than the Patagonia micro puff jacket.

Regardless, when it comes to insulation, the Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer jacket will serve you better than the Patagonia micro puff jacket. 

The ghost whisperer has proven to be freer and more breathable, not a bit movement restricting at all. 

Both jackets have a more athletic fitting, they would be better for outdoor activities than regular daily activities. 

The ghost whisperer also costs less than the Patagonia micro puff jacket.

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Patagonia Houdinis Vs Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell

Since both jackets are quite thin, they are easy to pack. Both jackets are also non-insulated, so if you are looking for jackets to keep you warm, none of these are for you. 

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a more comfortable and breathable experience, you should lean towards the Mountain Hardwear kor preshell than the Patagonia Houdini

The Patagonia Houdini jacket is more wind-proof than the Mountain Hardwear kor preshell. This is no news considering that the Houdini jacket is not as lightweight as the kor preshell. Although the Mountain Hardwear kor preshell jacket has a decent amount of water resistance for light to mild downpour, it is not as water-resistant as the Houdini. 

Trust the Patagonia piece to be more expensive than the Mountain Hardwear piece.



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