Patagonia VS North Face Backpacks, Fleece, Face Thermoball, Borealis, Puffer Jackets & Sizing

Patagonia VS North Face Backpacks, Fleece, Face Thermoball, Borealis, Puffer Jackets & Sizing

Patagonia VS North Face Backpacks, Fleece, Face Thermoball, Borealis, Puffer Jackets & Sizing

When talking about outdoor gear, the two biggest names that come up are Patagonia and North Face. At face value, they seem to be the same or offer the same products. However, this is not the case.

After having an in-depth look at the details of each product these two brands offer, you are sure to find differences. These differences often determine which brand you will stick with. In the tussle of Patagonia vs North Face, how do you know which brand is right for you? Let’s dig in!

Patagonia VS North Face Backpack

Patagonia backpack

If you are planning a hike or trip that involves moving around a lot and you want a backpack that is both easy to carry and can comfortably fit most (if not all) of your essentials, then Patagonia backpacks are for you. Its minimal design is great for everyday carry.

You can lug it around for long distances without having to worry due to its lightweight design. Patagonia is also environmentally conscious, so its backpacks are made from recycled materials.

On the downside, Patagonia backpacks are not as structured and sturdy as you might like. Sometimes, one compartment might take up space from another. If this bothers you, you may not be a fan.

North Face backpack

The North Face backpacks offer sturdiness and structure. You get to have lots of space, and they happen to give great value for your money. You’ll find these designs super useful during camping trips, or on adventures where you need to carry a lot. There’s ample space for the things you need, and each compartment is well defined and suited for its purpose.

In exchange for the sturdiness, structure, and durability you get with North Face backpacks, you may have to be willing to deal with some extra weight. North Face backpacks are a bit bulkier. If this is a problem for you, you might want to opt for a different brand.

What we think

Each brand has its perks but with slight differences in functionality. The ideal option for an outdoor hike would be the easy-to-carry Patagonia designs, while North Face offers the sturdiness and space you would appreciate on a camping trip.

Patagonia VS North Face Fleece

Patagonia fleece

You should note that with Patagonia, you would be getting a comfortable windproof and waterproof jacket that is made from sustainable materials and uses low-impact dye methods. Patagonia is known for using only the best materials for production. However, they are a bit pricier than North Face jackets. Also, if your Patagonia jacket gets damaged, you have the option of getting free repairs. Combined, it is quite an attractive offer.

North Face fleece

While the North Face fleece jackets are also comfortable, waterproof, and windproof, you would not get a term of life policy as good as what you get with Patagonia. Then again, it does not weigh as much, and you would not need to pay as much either.

What we think

While we are leaning towards the Patagonia jacket due to its sustainability and durability, we recognize that you may prefer a lighter garment that does the job as well. Thus, we suggest that you go for the North Face jacket. Both options are compact and sure to keep you warm and dry, so you really can’t go wrong here. It boils down to your preferences.

Patagonia down sweater VS North Face ThermoBall

Patagonia down sweater

The Patagonia down sweater happens to be one of the best down-made jackets on sale today. True to the brand, the down sweater is made from recycled materials and will last you for a while. You’ll get to appreciate the resilient nature of this jacket when you are hiking in unpleasant weather conditions. It is a crowd-pleaser.

North Face ThermoBall

The North Face ThemoBall jacket is an insulated lightweight jacket with a water-repellent finish. Although it does not replace a raincoat, you will find that this jacket keeps you warm while preventing you from getting wet too. The best part is if it does get wet, it dries out pretty quickly. We recommend!

What we think

We cannot pick a favorite between Patagonia down sweater, and the North Face ThermoBall. They are both superb products that we believe will serve you well. You would have to decide based on your budget and your fashion preferences.

Patagonia Chacabuco vs North Face Borealis

Patagonia Chacabuco

You’ll be getting a lot of space with the Patagonia Chacabuco. Ample space for fitting all your hiking gear, and you can even travel with it. The design allows you to utilize the backpack to its capacity without worrying that it would rip.

While this seems like the perfect deal (and we do not doubt that it is), many customer reviews complain that the straps are itchy and uncomfortable, and the backpack tends to stain your clothes. So you may want to watch out for that.

North Face Borealis

The North Face Borealis also offers a lot of space. Like the Chacabuco, you can use it for hikes, everyday carry, and possibly weekend trips. It is a pretty solid backpack that would give you great value for your coins.

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Patagonia VS North Face Puffer Jacket

Both options are perfect for you if you need something lightweight to keep you warm during winter activities. They are both super comfortable and are known to last for long periods. The difference in weight is negligible. At the end of the day, the choice boils down to which brand you resonate more with. Patagonia products are recycled, and thought is put into caring for the environment. North Face, however, tends to be easier on the pocket!

Patagonia VS North Face Sizing

Both brands are often true-to-size, so go for your regular sizes when picking something out. Although, Patagonia jackets tend to be a bit slim-fit and are great for those who would like to highlight their figure. If you prefer some room, consider North Face, or go a size up!



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