Places with the Best Weather in Europe in November and December

Are you looking for a place with favorable weather to start the holidays? No doubt, November and December are regarded as a “Low season” because of the harsh weather and less crowd. During this time of the year, Europe is at the peak of autumn and preparing for winter, so it’s quite difficult for anyone to find a place with mild weather.

However, there are specific destinations in Europe where you can enjoy a mix of the two kinds of weather and still have a pleasant experience. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of places with the best weather in Europe in November and December. These destinations have splendid weather, and their beaches are a great way to relax. Well, here are the best spots you can experience the best weather in Europe.

Places with the Best Weather in Europe

  • Granada, Spain
  • Florence, Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Athens, Greece
  • Madeira, Portugal
  • Malta

Granada, Spain

The weather here is neither warm nor harsh in the last two months of the year. Granada gives Spain an exotic atmosphere. The city is suitable for people to take walks at the ancient trail at Caminito Del Rey. If you’re visiting for the first time, you can hike at the Alpujarras or tour one of its many mosques.

Among the many cities to visit in the off-seasons, Granada has one of the best weather in Europe in November and December. Besides, you can participate in the city’s autumn celebration. Granada’s popular autumn celebrations include the wild mushroom foraging and churrerías Churros.

Florence, Italy

Florence is the epitome of luxury. It is a fantastic city with one of the best weather in Europe in November and December. During this period, the town is entirely chilly and a bit wet. Despite its beautiful weather, you’ll spend most of your time indoors.

However, on days when the atmosphere is clear, you can visit the Academia Galleries and Uffizi museum or take a road trip to its capital city, Tuscany, and enjoy the best Italian wine and dishes. You can also spend your day shopping at the local shops.

Paris, France

Paris is arguably the best city to visit in Europe. The city has a mild temperature and has little rainfall in November and December. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can see the Joie de Vivre. Paris is an excellent choice for a warm getaway.

In early December, the weather becomes cold, but this doesn’t stop you from touring the Eiffel Tower and hopping on a bus tour. Also, you can set out on a heated boat cruise and attend music festivals at an exotic cabaret show. If you’re visiting with children, don’t forget to stop at Disneyland to make the holiday memorable.

Barcelona, Spain

Undoubtedly, Spain has the best winter and autumn activities in Europe. The city finds its way to the list of places with the best weather in Europe in November and December because of its all year round pleasant atmosphere. It offers travelers game tours at Camp Nou. Plus, the city’s main attraction is its beautiful architecture and excellent nightlife.

You can participate in one of its many significant activities in November, which is the La Rioja Wine Harvest Festival. Also, it has other exciting activities ranging from circus performances to outdoor theatres.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is usually wet and cold in the last two months of the year, so get your umbrella and boots ready because this city offers many attractions for visitors. The city’s famous thermal baths attract thousands of tourists. You can spend the day soaking up in the thermal baths without having to worry about the chilly weather.

Plus, you can visit the parliament building and Saint Stephen’s Basilica to enjoy the city’s sights. Undoubtedly, the city’s architecture will amaze you. It also offers the best trendy wine bars and cafes for travelers.

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Athens, Greece

If your dream vacation involves strolling on sunny beaches and lounging on open-air terraces, then Athens is the place to be. It’s a fantastic city with one of the best weather in Europe in November and December. The town has many art galleries and quirky bars you can tour. Besides, it offers endless outdoor activities for travelers.

If you’re the picture type, then this city offers you beautiful backdrops for your Facebook pictures. The best way to explore Athens is to go on a guided walk tour.

Madeira, Portugal

Lisbon is ranked among Europe’s coolest cities. It’s one of the most remote and exotic islands in Europe. However, it has a risk of little rainfall in November and December. Its vibrant tropical gardens are reason enough to visit. This city has a lot to offer tourists, from its exciting nightlife to its beautiful colonial architecture.

Its mountains are suitable for hiking, and the weather is ideal for golfing, walking, and sightseeing. You can also engage in recreations like horseback riding and shopping at its palm-lined beaches.

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Malta is endowed with an incredible microclimate. It’s an ideal destination for travelers looking for the best weather in Europe in November and December. During this period, it hardly rains, and this makes the climate suitable for taking strolls. The city has an exquisite mix of rocky caves, small fishing villages, natural harbors, and towering cliffs. Undoubtedly, Malta is a place to be no matter the season.

Final Say

There’s no better time to take a trip than in the offseason. So take advantage of the low season and have an exciting holiday visiting these spots.

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