Want To Read Painter Of The Night Manga / Anime Online? Here are Our Best Options

Want To Read Painter Of The Night Manga / Anime Online? Here are Our Best Options

Want To Read Painter Of The Night Manga / Anime? Here are Our Top Options

One of the most popular ongoing manga written by Byeonduck and published by Lezhin Comings. The Painter of the Night anime has grown to become beloved in the hearts of millions of readers, and it isn’t very hard to tell why so many people seem to love it and don’t seem to be getting enough of it.

The Painter of the Night finds its setting in Korea, during the Goryeo, Joseon era, with Hanyang being the capital city of the vast Joseon Empire. The story is built around a noble, Yoon Seungho and Baek Na-Kyum, the latter is a painter, while the former wants him to continue specifically creating a certain type of painting, erotic paintings of men, but Na-Kyum vehemently refuses to do the bidding of the noble, even though he had published this type of paintings before.

Yoon Seungho forces Na-Kyum to become his private painter at night, but the nights have a whole lot that is awaiting Na-Kyum, in fact, much more than he would have ever imagined.

This is nothing but a sneak peek into this amazing story, but how can you get a chance to read this story online? This manga has quickly gathered a huge audience and here are some of the best places to read painter of the night manga/anime online.

Where to Read Painter of the Night Manga Online

  • Lezhin
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Anime Planet
  • Zetsu Manga App
  • Manga owl
  • Manga Go


While this isn’t free, and you might have to subscribe to read this comic on Lezhin.com, the publisher of the work, it’s one of the best places to find the Painter of the Night comic online to read. You’d generally need to register to be able to read the comics on this website, and the interesting thing is that it’s a library of sorts for all types of comics and from different genres. One of the most beautiful features of this website, making it a great one for reading comics is that it has an online reader that makes it easy to scroll through all the episodes of the manga seamlessly. No downloads needed… nothing.


Another great option if you’d like to read the Painter of the Night online is via the Amazon Kindle website. As at the time of writing this article, the Amazon website has this comic available for purchase, and you’d sure be better served as the price for each season and episode is quite cheap, and you wouldn’t have to deal with scams. Buying from the author directly also lets you support them.

Anime Planet

Anime planet is another nice option if you’re looking to read the Painter of the Night online fast and easily. Like Lezhin, Anime-Planet is designed in a way that you will be able to read all the comics straight from the website, and all you need to do is to register an account on the website to get access to different manga and anime. Anime-Planet offers a lot more comics for you to choose from, so if you ever get tired of reading the Painter of the Night, you can always read and watch other comics for free online. Anime-Planet also has a review feature, which means you’d be able to know how cool or not a comic is before you even start reading, and Painter of the Night sure has some of the best reviews you’ll find.

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Zetsu Manga App

If you are using an iPhone, Zetsu is a great app for finding and reading comics online, and it easily passes as one of the best options if you’d like to read this amazing comic. To read any comic of your choice, download the app, search for the name of the comic and you can start reading in no time.

Manga owl

Manga Owl was a recommendation I got from the Painter of the Night subreddit, and it sure passes as one of the best ones I saw when preparing this article. You wouldn’t even need to register on the website to read the comics. All the comics are available completely free, and as is the case with the other websites on this list, Manga owl is a library of sorts for comics of all kind, so you get to read different types and genres of comics completely free using the online comic reader feature on the website.

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Manga Go

Manga Go is another great website we’d recommend should you ever decide to read this manga online. We only needed to search the name of the comic we wanted to read on the Manga Go website, and we didn’t have issues finding and reading the comics we wanted. We will always recommend it as a great place to find interesting comics online for free.

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