The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Explained

The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Explained

The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Explained

One of the most popular gyms in the United States, Planet Fitness has made a name for itself as a gym to respect even amid the many controversies that surround it. For one, many gym-goers have complained about the unhealthy atmosphere at the gyms, while many have complained about the treatment of women. What this has resulted in is the banning of things that are seen as commonplace in many gyms, and one of those things you don’t find in other gyms but gym goers here are pretty familiar with is the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm.

What is the Planet Fitness Lunk alarm? How did it begin? How does it affect your use of the gym? These and many more will be discussed in this article.

Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm Origin

In the context of our discussion, a Lunk is someone who tries to intentionally and repeatedly draw attention to themselves. This could be by them making noises while they lift, how they drop the weights, by what they wear, anything that tries to draw attention to them. Since Planet Fitness tries to sell the narrative that it is a gym for the normal person, having a judgment and pressure-free environment led to the use of the Lunk Alarm. Those who repeatedly violate this rule and try to draw attention to themselves are kicked out of the gym.

If I was to sum up what Planet Fitness is, it’s that it’s a gym, but they don’t want you to feel like it’s a gym.

‘You’re fine the way you are, but if you’d like to get fitter, without being in the presence of bodybuilders who seem to have a fiercer drive to get fit, then we are the place for you.’

Because if we are to face it, you really can’t lift without the occasional disturbances to others in the gym, but if I was to understand this from the standpoint of the person ringing the lunk alarm in this Reddit thread, it’s that they don’t ring it unless a person either knowingly, or repeatedly chooses to break the rule and be a jerk.

Is a Planet Fitness membership worth it?

Many Fitness enthusiasts agree that the features advertised and promoted by Planet Fitness are not very useful to your fitness goals. One of the main ones is that there is no real trainer to help you, something you mind in many other gyms in the United States. You are pretty much on your own, and since they cater mostly to beginners, this is something that should be available without question.

While the gyms have many machines, everyone who knows fitness knows that these don’t work the muscles of the stabilizer, so you have to resort to using free weights while working on the machine; if not, you will succeed in having the largest biceps in the world but won’t have developed stiff front and back muscles.

Planet Fitness promotes and provides free pizza and other junk foods to their members, and that’s just too funny. You give free food, but the foods you’re providing to members are clearly not helping them achieve their fitness goals anytime soon – and that is a prime example of a zigzag business model. They succeed in keeping you a paying customer for many-many years.

The gym promotes itself as being great and judgment-free, but as soon as you enter, you’re welcomed by signs on the wall that tell you what dresses are accepted and what is not, and depending on how the Planet Fitness staff judges that you may get kicked out. Should I also repeat the fact that you get judged and kicked out if you make noises?

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Why is Planet Fitness so cheap?

The Planet Fitness membership is so cheap because the gym is marketed as catering to the average person, the person who sets a new year’s resolution and will probably not follow through.

Volume is another factor to consider, since its stupid cheap, a lot of people would be able to pay without issues, and since its cheap, even if these people are not regular at the gym and probably have no drive, canceling wouldn’t be on the top of their list because….it’s cheap and they can afford to keep the membership. If you have the drive and intend to keep going, then a Planet Fitness membership is an amazing deal for the price.

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Is Planet Fitness a good gym for beginners?

Yes, Planet Fitness is a great gym for beginners looking to test the waters in a judgment-free environment. It’s cheap, and it’s convenient. Through their marketing, Planet Fitness has heavily pushed the narrative that they are heavy on the beginner side of things. Low monthly payment, non-intimidating environment, and many other perks.

Is Planet Fitness a good gym to build muscle?

No, Planet Fitness isn’t a good gym to build muscles. While we are the first to say that you can build muscles at any gym, Planet Fitness focuses more on beginners looking to just stay fit in their marketing, and the sizes of weights they have and the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm are testaments to this.

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Is Planet Fitness good for weight lifting?

No, Planet Fitness isn’t good for weight lifting. They have signs on the walls making denigrating caricatures of serious weight lifters, they don’t have weights that are heavy enough, and they cater mostly to the average Joe looking to stay fit.

Is Planet Fitness a women’s gym?

Yes, Planet Fitness is a gym for all genders. In fact, in my local Planet Fitness, there seems to be an equal number of men and women on most days.

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