Can You Send A Package Anonymously? – How to Find Out Who Sent You One

Can You Send A Package Anonymously? – How to Find Out Who Sent You One

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There are several reasons people have to send a package in secret. It can be especially hard when you want to carry it out anonymously. Although there are various delivery companies around the globe, not all of them offer the service of sending a package anonymously.

On the other hand, if you receive an anonymous package, it is only normal to want to find out who sent you one.

This article covers how to send a package anonymously and pointers on how you can figure out the person who sent you a surprise package.

Can You Send A Package Anonymously?

Yes, you can send a package anonymously. However, you would have to employ specific measures for some delivery services. For example, many delivery companies require you to put in a return address if the delivery is not successful; this return address can also be used to track you.

So, if you want to send a package and remain anonymous, you can put in a fictional address; this way, the package will not be traced back to you.

The downside to this is that if you’re sending valuables like luxury gifts and you want to make sure they don’t get lost, if there’s any problem with shipping the package and it is not delivered to the person, it would be hard to get it back as you entered the wrong address.

How Do I Send A Package Secretly?

There are different ways to send a package secretly. Apart from using the First class mail service from USPS, these are other methods you can try out:

For example, you can send it to yourself and then, through USPS, resend it again.

Buy the gift or product on a merchant site and then ask them to send it to who you want anonymously.

The merchant site will quickly send the gift or product if you can provide a valid reason to the seller and then pay for the delivery cost to the individual.

The third option is to start up a new account in a false name on Amazon or any other site that sells what you want to buy. Then, purchase the product and send it to the person.

If any name appears, it would be that false name, and so you would be tagged as anonymous. You can also include a note to tell the receiver that it is a surprise gift and not something sent in error.

How to Find Out Who Sent an Anonymous Package?

To find out who sent you an anonymous package, you can try out the following processes.

Use the tracking number in the package. USPS packages always ship with a tracking ID. This tracking number would show you the city or country that the package is coming from.

Check the return address that is attached to the package. If that is false, you can call the courier service that sent in the package to get the information of the person who shipped it to you.

You can check inside the package for clues that might give you an answer to the identity of the person who sent you the package.

Can I Track A Package Without A Tracking Number?

No, you cannot track a package without a tracking number. However, most courier services offer a tracking number to monitor your package as it is transported to you.

If the courier service does not have this, you must keep checking with them manually, either through calls or visits, until your package is delivered.

Can You Ship Anonymously With USPS?

Yes, you can ship anonymously with USPS, but it has some limits. Doing anonymous shipping using USPS involves using their First Class mail service.

The condition that comes with it is that whatever you send should not be more than 13 oz (ounce).

Anything higher than that has to be presented in person by the sender to the USPS office; this rule restricts whatever you’re sending by weight.

The first-class mail service requires adding postage stamps and sending your mail to the receiver. Postage stamps are untraceable, so you should be able to send your package anonymously.

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Can Your Gps Track A USPS Package?

Yes, you can GPS track a USPS Package. This feature was included in 2013 when USPS introduced their Mobile Delivery Devices, and it works by recognizing the GPS locations along the routes that the courier service uses to deliver.

Any scans carried out by the Mobile Delivery Devices are relayed to the USPS server. The limit of the GPS tracker is that it is mainly used within 10 meters of the location.

Does the Usps X-ray Packages?

Yes, USPS x-ray packages. According to their website, they x-ray mail packages primarily for security purposes. If a sender wants additional information on this, they should consult their local post offices.

Putting a “do not x-ray” tag on your packages will not save them from being x-rayed; instead, it might arouse suspicions about the package.

There are no specific guidelines concerning this x-ray procedure on the website, so to be safe, don’t use this service to transport illegal substances like recreational drugs.

Can USPS See What’s in My Package?

No, USPS cannot see what is in your package. Although USPS does an x-ray on packages, they do not open your package and check what is in them.

They can only open your parcel if they detect anything suspicious during an inspection and if you’re sending the message via Media mail.

This is because Media mail is not insured, and USPS officials sometimes open it to check if the contents of the package are the approved ones listed by the company.

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It is not entirely easy to send a package anonymously—however, it’s possible. On the contrary, tracing a received anonymous package can prove challenging.

So, if you want to undertake either task, it helps to be informed on how to carry it out. In addition, choosing an appropriate courier service is also essential when you want to send a package anonymously.



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