What Does Processing Completed at Origin, USPS available for pickup & Label Created, Not Yet in System Mean?

Whether you’re shipping via DHL, USPS, UPS, or FedEx, there are so many different shipping statuses you get that it gets very hard to know what’s even wrong with your package, where it is in the pipelines, how soon you can expect deliveries, where you might need to pick your deliveries and many different queries. Two of these shipping statuses is the “processing completed at origin” and “label created, not yet in system” shipping statuses. What do they mean? And what can we expect when we see these statuses when shipping a package.

Processing Completed at Origin meaning

What does the “processing completed at origin” shipping status mean? The “process complete at origin” shipping status means that the package has been scanned, processed, and moved from the country of origin and would be arriving in your country next. The “processing completed at origin” shipping status is mostly used by DHL, and for some time, customers have seen this shipping status stay stuck for an extended period, say between 2 and 3 weeks.

The “processing completed at origin” shipping status stays stuck mostly because of the pandemic as there have been many shipments moving through the pipelines without being scanned and updated regularly. I’ll recommend that you wait a week or two and if it doesn’t change, you can create a support ticket with DHL, complaining that your order wasn’t received.

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Label Created, Not Yet In System Meaning

Mostly a USPS problem, the “label created, not yet in system” shipping status means that the person sending the package has generated a shipping label (including tracking number) for the package, they have paid the postage for shipping the package, but the package is awaiting shipment. This is often the case when shipping labels are created online, so you might need to give it some time.

The “label created, not yet in system” shipping status would also mean that the shipping label was created, the postage was paid for, the package has been shipped, but it hasn’t been scanned into the USPS tracking system. As soon as the package arrives at a local processing center or a processing facility along the shipping route, and as soon as it is scanned, you will see updates on your shipment in the system.

In some other cases, the “label created, not yet in system” shipping status is seen when your order was transferred by a shipping company like Amazon, UPS, FedEx, or DHL to the USPS to make the last mile of the delivery. As is the case with shipping via the USPS from scratch, a shipping label is sometimes created, and the package will remain in this phase until after the package is scanned into the USPS tracking system, and you can expect delivery in a business day or two.

When you buy products online, you can expect to see this status often as these merchants have a lot of orders to fulfill at the same time, so they package these and get them ready for shipping, including creating shipping labels online. At the end of the day, they’ll take the packages to the post office, where the packages are scanned, and the shipping status changes.

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Why Was My USPS Package Never Delivered But Available For Pickup

When the USPS isn’t able to deliver a package to the customer, you’ll be getting the “available for pickup” shipping status. In some cases, the post office will be leaving a slip on the buyer’s door or mailbox, and this will happen if:

  1. There is no safe place to leave the package
  2. You weren’t available at the time of attempting the delivery
  3. You refused the delivery
  4. The shipping size selected by the sender doesn’t match the package weight and there is a need for extra postage.
  5. In some cases, you get the “available for pickup” USPS shipping status when the address isn’t correct and the sender might need to contact the post office to correct the address, or you would have to go with some proof of ownership to get the package.

When you get the USPS “available for pickup” shipping status, you will see the exact post office where the package is being held, and the deadline for pickup before being returned (mostly between 10 and 13 days). You either have to go to the local post office to collect your package or contact the USPS to rearrange the delivery.

If you see the USPS “available for pickup” shipping status without attempting delivery, then it may be that the post office doesn’t deliver to your area, in which case, you would need to go pick it yourself.

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