Puppies for Sale in Washington, Oregon, and Florida under $500, $300, $200, $100

Getting puppies for sale locally can be hard, especially when you have a budget and in some cases a specific demographic or breed in mind. We thought it nice to put an all-in-one article together to help you find great and healthy puppies for sale in Washington, Oregon, and Florida from $500 down. You will also find puppies for sale under $300, $200, and $100.

Puppies for Sale in Washington, Oregon, and Florida under $500, $300, $200, $100

  • Puppyfind
  • Puppyfinder
  • k9stud
  • Uptownpuppies
  • Adoptapet


If you are either looking for a pet in Washington, Oregon, or Florida, Puppyfind is one of the best places to check. When we needed to search for puppies on sale close to us, we only set Puppyfind to filter the results in the order of distance from the seller, then arranged by states, and then by a price tag. Puppyfind also allows you to search pets by breed, making it easy to get your desired puppy fast, and within budget.

Puppyfind is a marketplace of sorts for both professional breeders of puppies and passionate breeders of puppies. If you would like to give up your pet for adoption or adopt one, Puppyfind is a great place to sell and find puppies for sale in Washington, Oregon, and Florida under $500, $300, $200, and $100.


If you are living in Washington, Oregon, Florida, or any other states and cities either within or outside the United States, and you’re looking for puppies for sale, Puppyfinder remains one of the best names on the market. With over 30,000 visits every day, Puppyfinder is a name to trust whenever you have something to do with either sales or adoption of puppies.

Puppyfinder works as a search and directory service that is exclusively used to find puppies for sale, and dogs for adoption, often coming from breeders, rescues, or private hobby pet owners. The platform allows you to search by specific dog breeds, prices, location of seller, rescue or breeder, and age.

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If purebred puppies are your thing, then we will surely recommend K9stud as one of the best places to get a puppy you will grow to love. k9stud allows you to browse puppies by age, the state in which they are being put up for sale, their state of health, the breed, and the breeders. So if you loved how the deal you had with a breeder went, you can simply search the breeder’s name and you should be able to see the list of puppies they have on sale at any time.


If you live in Oregon, and you’re looking for puppies for sale in Oregon under $300, here is one of the best places to start your search. Uptownpuppies, in contrast to the other options mentioned in this article, is dedicated to the sales and adoption of puppies, and you get a pretty wide selection of puppies to choose from.

In addition to puppies for sale in Oregon, you will find Puppies for sale in Florida under $500, and puppies in Washington that are on sale. All you need to do is filter the results based on the area you live, the distance you want between you and the seller or breeder, the age, weight, price, and specific breed.

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Adoptapet is another great place to find puppies for sale under $500, $300, and even $100. In contrast to the other services we have mentioned thus far, Adoptapet is built around connecting persons with companies or individuals who are putting dogs up for adoption. In contrast with dealing directly with breeders, Adoptapet allows you to pay far less than usual to get one of these adorable pets. You can search based on breed, age, cost of adoption, and your distance from the agency putting the dog up for adoption.

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