Best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja Based)

Best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja Based)

Best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria (GIGM, GUO, PMT, ABC)

Traveling interstate in Nigeria via road, if you’re like me, is one of the options I prefer over getting a flight. Yes, I know, flights are faster and offer more comfort, but for someone who prefers the idea of moving on land and seeing places as I travel, road transport companies are very important.

To make your task of selecting one of the many road transport companies in Nigeria easy, I have compiled a list of some of the best that I have personally tried. These road transport companies have some of the best reviews you can think of, they also have some of the highest numbers of parks in Lagos and Abuja, and I should also mention that they offer you a wide range of luxury features that will make your interstate travels a lot easier.

Best Road transport companies in Nigeria

  • God is Good Motors
  • GUO Transport
  • Peace Mass Transit
  • Young Shall Grow
  • Cross Country

God is Good Motors

GIGM remains one of the pioneer road transport companies in Nigeria, over the years, it has made a name for itself in the long-distance travel niche. I first used GIGM back in 2018, and its service happened to be the best I have used until then for any inter-state trips. The process of buying tickets, the fact that the company does not carry overloading, and the fact that many of their vehicles are new and air-conditioned remain something that stands out from my experience.

In recent years, though, the company has come under scrutiny for having an ever-decreasing quality of customer support. In fact, when I had complaints about the trip I took back in 2020, I couldn’t get a hold of the customer support for over an hour on call, which is terrible customer care for a company that customers trust with their lives on high-risk journeys like long-distance trips.

In recent months, many customers have been complaining about the company not delivering on what was booked. For example, I traveled to Akwa Ibom in December, and while placing an order, I chose the jet mover vehicle which is more comfortable than the hummer bus, I also paid for a vehicle with air conditioning. It happened though, that the company didn’t even inform the travelers of a change in the arrangement until like 10 minutes before we moved, they gave us a hummer bus that didn’t have air conditioning. We paid around N13,000 for the trip and they refunded us 2k because of the need to change.

While coming back to Lagos, I chose the jet mover and it was pretty comfortable, so I’ll say the vehicle is comfortable. Timing is something else the company fails on. They move late, so if you are on a schedule, it may be something you should consider.

Its recommended that you book your trip via the mobile app around a day or two before the trip so that you can get good seating and not have to deal with delays at the parks.

GUO Transport

Another big name in the long-distance travel industry and one of the best transport companies in Nigeria is GUO. The company deserves its place on this list. The company started operating as far back as 1980 and ever since, it has made a name as one of the best in Nigeria. It has one of the widest coverage of any of the companies on this list with well over 200 destinations within Nigeria and West Africa.

The vehicles are safe, environmentally friendly, and like GIGM, the company does a lot of courier and haulage services.

Customer support might be something you would still expect to be an issue, especially since most of these companies spend quite little on that department. While customers have good things to say about the condition of some of their vehicles and the drivers, the ticketing system and staff might not be getting the best of reviews, and companies in the long-distance travel space need to work on that.

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Peace Mass Transit

PMT is another company I will really recommend whenever you’re thinking of long-distance trips, especially if you don’t want to use GUO or GIGM. For interstate travels, PMT has long been used for inter-state travels, and if I will be writing this review based on that, then there are quite a lot of reviews that PMT still manages to deliver great services.

I didn’t like it though, that they overload their vehicles, which does not add to the comfort of passengers, especially on long-distance trips when these are a necessity both for the health and safety of all passengers.

I also got a couple of customers who tried sending their parcels through the company not getting good customer service, with the staff behaving nonchalantly to customer inquiries. This is a problem, not only with transport companies in Nigeria but with pretty much all industries where a company’s employees feel like they are doing customers a favor.

The fact that goods sent are either damaged, lost or delayed is another complaint many customers seem to have. All that aside, PMT remains one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.

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Young Shall Grow

A company that boasts of moving over 10,000 passengers every day, Young Shall Grow transport company remains one of the best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria, and it deserves its place on this list. Beginning operation in 1972, the company now has so many busses, from hummer buses to Mercedes buses.

If you’re looking for a transport company that runs trips to the north, then you should give Young Shall Grow a trial. Customers who have used the company for sending parcels outside the state have had good things to say about the company, so we give them a pass.

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Cross Country

If you’d like to go on a road trip to some countries in the ECOWAS region, here is one company you should try for easy, seamless transportation. Cross Country, no doubt deserves its place on this list of the best road transport companies in Nigeria for its top quality services, neat buses, the comfort they offer, and how timely they are on long-distance travels.

One of the value propositions from the company is just how cheap they can be especially when compared to other companies on this list. I didn’t like, though, that the company has a lot of reviews citing their delays especially when they have to make passengers switch busses.

Customers also complained that many of their buses don’t have functioning air conditioning and don’t have charging ports. Overall, if we consider that the price might make the quality of the trip different from what you get with other companies, Cross Country isn’t a bad idea if you’re looking for the best road transport companies in Nigeria that offer cost-effective options.

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