Mountain Hardwear Vs Arc’teryx – Which Brand Is Better?

Mountain Hardwear Vs Arc’teryx – Which Brand Is Better?

Mountain Hardwear Vs Arc’teryx - Which Brand Is Better?

A wide range of outdoor clothing and equipment brands have been birthed out of the need for quality and versatile outdoor accessories. 

Mountain Hardwear and Arc’teryx are two brands at the top of this list. The two brands are synonymous with Outdoor activities and adventure.

On the surface, both brands are considered similar, but as you dig further, you begin to find key dissimilarities between Mountain Hardwear and Arc’teryx.

It would be easier to identify these dissimilarities with a side-by-side comparison of both brands.

That said, here’s an objective comparison of Mountain Hardwear vs Arc’teryx.

Mountain Hardwear Vs Arc’teryx Brand Comparison

When you are stuck between buying from two interestingly competitive brands, the amount of research you’d have to do can be exhausting. 

If you’re stuck between Mountain Hardwear vs Arc’teryx, our brand comparison is here to make things easier. 

Mountain Hardwear vs Arc’teryx Sizing and fitting

Although both brands consider sizing, Mountain Hardwear pieces are not appealing to the taller, plus-size crowd, unlike Arc’teryx gear.

Additionally, Mountain Hardwear gear may not always give room for layering, but Arc’teryx pieces accommodate layering while still giving you that needed fitting. A well-needed advantage if you ask me.

Mountain Hardwear vs Arc’teryx Pricing

Mountain Hardwear pieces are known for their relatively affordable prices, unlike Arc’teryx, the poster brand for high-end outdoor clothing and gear.

Mountain Hardwear vs Arc’teryx Production process

Both Mountain Hardwear and Arc’teryx are not yet fully environmentally conscious. For example, neither brand uses recycled or eco-friendly materials for their products yet.


There’s not so much versatile usage with these two.

Mountain Hardwear and Arc’teryx make gear and apparel primarily used for outdoor climbing and mountaineering. 

Quality and durability

Since Arc’teryx pieces come at a high price, you expect quality outdoor accessories. Fortunately, they do not disappoint. The quality and durability of Arc’teryx pieces live up to their costs. This is probably why some believe the high prices are worth it. On the other hand, Mountain Hardwear produces less quality outdoor accessories, which tells on the durability of their products. 

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 vs. Arc’teryx Cerium LT

The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer down jacket may fit well but will not give room for layering like the Arc’teryx Cerium LT Down jacket. The cerium LT allows for more breathability, comfort, and warmth than the ghost whisperer. 

Both come in hooded and non-hooded versions. 

The Ghost whisperer jacket is easier to compress and package in the case of light travels.

The Arc’teryx Cerium LT is heavier than the Ghost whisperer.

If you’re looking for a more water-resistant down jacket, the Arc’teryx Cerium LT will not cut it. However, the Ghost Whisperer is better at water resistance because it is made of more hydrophobic down filling than the Cerium LT.

Although, Cerium LT will cost you more than a Ghost whisperer.

Arc’teryx Beta AR vs. Mountain Hardwear Exposure/2 GTX Pro Lite

Speaking of shared attributes, these two hardshell jackets can confidently withstand the pressure of alpine conditions, especially the Arc’teryx.

Both jackets are made with the same water-proof technology; Gore-Tex Pro. 

However, the Arc’teryx Beta AR weighs a little more than Mountain Headwear because it has an 80D denier Gore-Tex on the shoulders and 40D denier fabric on the body, as opposed to the 80D denier fabric on the body of the Mountain Hardwear. 

The Arc’teryx Beta AR is pricier than the Mountain Hardwear Exposure. 

Mountain Hardwear Nut Shell High Gaiters vs. Arc’teryx Acrux TR GTX Boots

The Mountain Hardwear Gaiters are primarily made for hiking and trekking. Still, the Arc’teryx acrux boots can be used for various activities, including hiking, trekking, skiing, and snowshoeing. 

Both boots are snuggly and well fitted. 

The Arc’teryx boots are packed with a 420D nylon packcloth of water resistance technology, while the Mountain Hardwear uses a Gore-Tex membrane to aid water resistance.

The Mountain Hardwear gaiters are more breathable than the Arc’teryx boots, but talking comfort and warmth? Arc’teryx acrux boots are doing better in that department. 

Both boots are surprisingly lightweight, considering the caliber of activities for which they are created.

The Mountain Hardwear gaiters get up to your calves, unlike the Arc’teryx acrux boots that are ankle length.

Arc’teryx acrux boots are more expensive than the Mountain Hardwear gaiters. However, the latter has been discontinued by Mountain Hardwear. 

Why is Arc’teryx gear so expensive?

Arc’teryx gear is so pricey because of the quality of its production. 

Arc’teryx uses Gore-Tex fabrics for their hard shell products, and these fabrics are pretty costly. In addition, they also use water-proof zippers, which are also expensive. Hence the customer incurs a more significant part of that cost.

Additionally, they employ digital cutting machines to cut fabric rather than indulge manual cutting machines or actual humans. This is because hiring manual laborers may be cost-effective for them. Also,  these digital cutters cost quite an amount to maintain and run. Thus, the customers will always be on the receiving end.

Is Arc’teryx the best outdoor brand?

They have one of the best range of quality outdoor accessories, if not the best, so probably!

What is unique about Arc’teryx?

They tick all four of the features that make any outdoor clothing brand special. !


Arc’teryx makes its gears from quality materials.


The quality materials that make up their gears keep them going for more extended periods than most other outdoor wear brands. 


Arc’teryx is one brand that takes breathability and layering into consideration with its gears.


They are more than outdoor clothing. Arc’teryx produces an extensive range of outdoor gear and accessories.

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