Mountain Hardwear Vs North Face – Which Is the Better Brand?

Mountain Hardwear Vs North Face – Which Is the Better Brand?

Mountain Hardwear Vs North Face – Which Is the Better Brand?

Buying quality outdoor clothing and gear is a no-brainer for most outdoor enthusiasts. 

There are a plethora of outdoor clothing brands in the outdoor gear market, but only a few others come to mind, like Mountain Hardwear and North Face do. 

It is no secret that Mountain Hardwear vs North Face is overly familiar comparisons within the outdoor gear community. 

Seeing that mountain Hardwear and north face share a few similar traits, it is only natural to wonder what differentiates one from the other. 

We wrote a quick read to let you know what we think about these two top outdoor gear brands. 

Is Mountain Hardwear a good brand?

Yes, we consider Mountain Hardwear a good outdoor brand. Here’s why.

Mountain Hardwear is a highly technical outdoor brand that incorporates advanced techniques and materials into its products. 

The quality of Mountain Hardwear gear and accessories is impressive, which means that they are pretty durable. In addition, mountain Hardwear does not compromise on breathability, layering, and insulation when it comes to their gear. 

Mountain Hardwear gear usually comes with mid-range prices, and their customer service and warranty are customer-centric. 

Mountain Hardwear is not completely an environmentally-conscious brand despite all these endearing features. For example, they recently implemented recycled polyester in some of their designs, while most of their gear is still made with non-eco-friendly materials.

Is North Face a good brand?

Not really, North Face is pretty much an average outdoor brand, in our opinion. 

This is because their products are not of impressive quality and may not always stand the test of time. Of course, you would not expect this to be the case considering that North Face gear is pricy. 

All we’re saying is North Face’s products are incredibly overpriced for their quality. 

Nevertheless, North Face’s full lifetime warranty is one feature that makes them stand out. 

Another exciting feature is the stylish yet technical look of North Face gear. 

Is North Face considered a luxury brand? 

Yes, North Face is and has always been considered a luxury brand. 

This is because North Face has created and established a household name for itself since its inception, thus aiding its brand recognition and giving them a top spot. 

Their strong brand image is one of the reasons North Face gear is pricy.

That said, we won’t leave out North Face’s recent collaboration with Gucci. We believe this helped maintain their brand image and relevance.

Is the North Face suitable for mountaineering? 

Not so much. 

North Face produces more casual clothing than technical sports clothing. However, their casual clothing may not be to keep you warm against the extreme conditions associated with climbing.

North Face clothing and gear may not be commonly used amongst experienced climbers. Instead, professional climbers may opt for other outdoor clothing brands with better quality. 

This should not be news, considering that the quality of North Face’s clothing may not be able to withstand alpine conditions associated with mountaineering adequately. 

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 vs North Face Summit l3 Down hoodie

Both are excellent down jacket options, but the Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer/2 is of a lighter weight compared to the North Face summit l3 hoodie.

The ghost whisperer and the summit l3 come with 800-fill down insulation. This means one thing; both jackets will keep you warm in alpine conditions. 

However, the fill-down in the ghost whisperer jacket is hydrophobic, which makes the ghost whisperer more water-resistant than the summit l3. 

The Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer is more breathable, and it allows for more layering, unlike the summit l3 jacket. 

One impressive feature of the summit l3 jackets absent in the ghost whisperer is its elastic hood and cuffs that keep out cold winds and lock in more warmth. 

The North Face summit l3 down hooded jacket is pricier than the Mountain Hardwear Ghost whisperer/2 jacket. 

What is Mountain Hardwear known for? 

Mountain Hardwear is known for being one of the top innovative outdoor clothing brands in the outdoor clothing industry. 

Mountain Hardwear has been producing quality technical outdoor clothing and equipment since 1993 as a subsidiary of Columbia sportswear company. 

Mountain Hardwear has made a name by inventing an array of durable clothing, sleeping bags, bag packs, and tents for mountain enthusiasts and athletes. 

They also pioneered innovative inventions like Windstopper fleece jackets, Gore-Tex technology, welded clothing construction, and sleeping bags within their first decade on the market. 

Mountain Hardwear vs North Face sleeping bags

Mountain Hardwear and North Face produce durable backpacking and mountaineering sleeping bags. 

Both brands also produce sleeping bags for camping. 

North Face and Mountain Hardwear offer a range of sleeping bags for kids. However, Mountain Hardwear kids’ sleeping bags are uniquely designed in a way that the length of the sleeping bag can be adjusted as the child grows. This is such an outside-the-box and innovative feature. 

Mountain Hardwear developed a type of sleeping bag that can thoroughly withstand the pressure of harsh conditions, while North Face doesn’t. A popular Mountain Hardwear polar expedition sleeping bag is the Mountain Hardwear Phantom sleeping bag. 

Both brands ensure their sleeping bags come with highly technical hydrophobic fill-down insulation. 

North Face with ProDown insulation and Mountain Hardwear with Q.Shied Down insulation. However, some Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags come with Thermal. Q Elite Synthetic Insulation.



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